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Graduate of The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon & Graphic Art, Class of 1989. First professional work in Spotlight Comics' UNDERDOG #1 (1987), "The Eredicator, Chapter 1" (pencils & inks), and UNDERDOG #2 (1987), "Prisoner of Love" (cover art, pencils and partial inks). Regular contributor to CRACKED between 1990-2000; first appearance in CRACKED #253 (May 1990), "Skateboards Around the World", last appearance in CRACKED #348, (October 2000), "If School Was Cool". Drew cover art and interior color pull-out poster for CRACKED BLOCKBUSTER #4 (Summer 1990) and cover for CRACKED COLLECTORS EDITION #111 (July 1997); also color art for the pull-out "Extra Terrestrial Wrestling Federation" Collector Cards in CRACKED COLLECTOR' EDITION #90 - 'SCI-FI SPECIAL' (April 1992).

Drew cover art for Felix the Cat Comics' FELIX THE CAT & FRIENDS #1 (1992) and FELIX THE CAT - VIDEO WIZARD (1992); regular contributor (2000-2002) with art in FELIX CAT-A-STROPHIC WRESTLING SPECTACULAR #1 (2000, story & pencils for "A Grapple a Day Keeps the Professor at Bay"), FELIX'S SUMMER SPLASH #1 (2000, pencils for "Beach Blanket Buffoons"), FELIX THE CAT TRUE CRIME STORIES #1 (2001, pencils for "No Clue"), FELIX THE CAT'S JURASSIC JAMBOREE #1 (2001, pencils for both "Lost in the Land of the Sneezestacks" and "The Clums-a-Saurus!?!", story and art for "Dinosaurs 101"), FELIX THE CAT'S BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE BONANZA #1 (2002, pencils for "The Six Cents"), FELIX THE CAT'S MAGIC BAG OF TRICKS #1 (2002, pencils on "Meany, Myneey, Genie, Moe!"), and FELIX THE CAT'S TV EXTRAVAGANZA #1 (2002, pencils for "The Days of Our Nine Lives" and "I Love Kitty", story for "I Scream at Genie"). Several of these were subsequently collected in Dark Horse's FELIX THE CAT'S GREATEST HITS VOL. 1 (2002).

Other comics work: Fantagraphics Books' AMAZING HEROES 1990 SWIMSUIT SPECIAL, The 1991 San Diego Comic Con Souvenir Program Book, Eclipse Books' BORN TO BE WILD (1991), Kitchen Sink Press' IMAGES OF OMAHA No. 2, color back cover art for Allied American Artists' PEPITO #1 (1991) and a two-page spread ("Bathing Hippies") in Marvel Special Projects' WOODSTOCK '94 comic (1994).

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