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    Elise Kimble is a member of the Terror Titans. She is also the ancestor of Legion of Superheroes adversary The Persuader.

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    In the brief history of Elise it seems that she made her living at a young age as an assassin of sorts (seen in the picture where she murdered a teacher for a fellow student). When her mother found out about what she was doing, Elise killed her as well. While she obviously had a bad relationship with her mother, she seemed to hold her father in high regard despite him not being around for her most of the time.

    Terror Titans

    Kimble is later approached by Clock King to join the Terror Titans and become the Persauder due to her legacy to be the ancestor to the Persuader of the 31st century.

    Kimble is one of the more aggressive and vicious of the Terror Titans members as compared to the other members. She constantly pushes her limits with the team's leader, Dreadbolt. She killed off Molecule (the teen version of The Atom) against orders, and this exact headstrong nature makes her hard to order around during a fight.

    Elise showed her sensitive side when her father came to visit her. Unfortunately, it was short lived when Clock King murdered her daddy in a attempt to harden her further. After her father's death, Elise didn't much recover. She was very angry up until the metahumans in the Darkside Tournament were freed by Miss Martian. In order to avoid being attacked by them, Bolt teleported himself, the Disruptor, Elise, and Copperhead away to Clock King's lair. Once there, they were abandoned by Clock King and soon captured by the freed heroes. Two weeks after she was captured, Elise was freed by Bolt and Copperhead. The three of them formed a friendship and vowed to go after Clock King and end his life, through if this was successful or not is unknown.

    Legion of Doom

    Kimble resurfaced as a member of Superboy-Prime's Legion of Doom. She was defeated by Ravager and Speedy.

    Powers and Abilities

    While Kimble has no powers of her own to speak of, she does have in her possession the Atomic Axe, a highly lethal weapon capable of slicing through any substance in existence, even established physical forces like gravity or darkness. It is unknown, however, if this is really the original Atomic Axe that will be used by the Persuader of the 31st century, or if it is a copy that will be recreated in the future and used by him. While Clock King alleged that it was, his history of manipulation and lying to others means that his word is somehow unreliable.

    Kimble was also reasonably strong for her age, and had received hand to hand training from Ravager while she was apart of the Terror Titans.


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