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    Persha is member of the race of beings known as the first. She is a Secundae child of both houses. Her father is Pyrem, and her mother is Ingra (who are each leaders of their respective house).

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    Persha is the only daughter of Ingra and Pyrem, the leader's of House Sinister and House Dexter respectively. Her fate was written in legend long ago when two beings were prophesied to reunite the First and prepare them for a future war with the Negation universe. These two beings were later found out to be Seahn and Persha. One of them would reunite the First through violence and war while the other would reunite them through peaceful and diplomatic means. After certain events in the story take place, it becomes evident that Persha will become the peaceful ruler if she reunites the First before Seahn. Although Persha has only lived with her mother, she is still kind and caring, but can easily manipulate others when necessary.
    Persha is first seen using a power that allows her to look through the eyes of any person she chooses without knowledge or consent. She witnesses a hunting party from House Dexter, lead by Trenin, as they go to investigate the recent appearance of Sigil Bearers. After witnessing the events of the Sigil Bearer killing a Dexter Secundae, she notices that the Sigil's combine the symbols of House Dexter and House Sinister together. Because of this, she begins her task of trying to reunite the First. Persha first sets off to inform her mother of her revelation, but is quickly rebuffed when Ingra casts a spell forbidding Persha to speak or act on the subject again. Persha eventually seeks answers from other sources by confiding in her friends and closest ally, Wyture, who unbeknownst to Persha, is not a member of the First and is secretly manipulating her in certain directions. Persha soon goes to Orium in order to learn why her people were divided in the first place, but his story contains holes in it, due in part to his insanity and biases. Before continuing her quest, she uses a unique form of teleportation to cross over into House Dexter and finally reveals to Pyrem that she is his daughter.  Through Pyrem she gains more information about the First's past and also a very powerful ally. She eventually comes to the conclusion that Altwaal is still alive and seeks Gannish, the truth seer, in order to confirm what she believes. When meeting with Gannish, he does see truth in Persha's words and eventually sets out on his own mission, leaving Persha to track down Altwaal by  herself. In an impressive feat of power, she does indeed find him, however he is uninterested in helping, and in fact pretends that he has now clue as to what she is talking about.

    When Persha returns to Elysia, she finds that Ingra has been captured by Ervulsh, and although she knows of a way to rescue her, she chooses to manipulate Pyrem into going instead. Once both of them are free from, she feels their love for each other will cause them to want to reunite the First in order to be together again permanently. This plan does seem feasible due to the fact that Persha's parents are perhaps the most influential members of their race. However, things do not go according to plan, and it is obvious to Persha that ingra is still plotting something after Pyrem returns to House Dexter with Ingra. Persha then steals Altwaals Gauntlet of Power from Pyrem in order to bind her mother from doing anymore harm, however, Ingra instead casts a spell forcing Persha to believe that she was successful when in reality she was not.

    Persha does not directly act much until after Solusandra returns to Elysia in order to gain Altwaals Gauntlet of Power, and informing the First that they are her creations and not true Gods. Persha helps to survey the destruction and is eventually elected as the new leader of House Dexter in order to help facilitate what the First's next course of action should be. Persha's first act as leader is to take her counsel to House Sinister where a battle is ensuing between, Seahn, Pryem, ingra, Trenin, and Orium. The battle abruptly ends when Altwaal returns, but Persha still quickly kills Seahn after he challenges Altwaal to a duel. Altwaal, however, who is speaking of unification and peace amongst the First, makes an example out of Persha and seemingly kills her when he forbids any more fighting amongst their race.

    The true fate of Persha is unknown due to the abrupt cancellation of the series after Crossgen comics filed for bankruptcy, however, Barbara Kesel has stated that both Persha and Seahn were still alive, and would have been seen again if the series would have been able to continue.


    Hidden in shadow
    Hidden in shadow
    Persha is a member of the First and is privy to a wide range of powers. Although because she is a Secundae, or a child of two First parents, she is supposed to have limited amounts of power and as a result, should be weaker than most of the First. However because her parents are two of the most powerful members of her race, her power far exceeds most of the Secundae and even some of the Firsts themselves. While her power level is similar to that of her parents, she is not yet capable of holding own against them in combat. As a member of the First she is privy to a wide range of powers including ; super strength, speed, self propelled flight, single or mass teleportation, extra sensory perception, weapon creation, magic, the ability to control a number of energy types in a variety of ways, regeneration, telepathy, empathy, and the ability to survive in the vacuum of space without the need for food, water, or oxygen.

    However, Persha does have two unique powers that are not seen being used by any other member of the First as of yet. She is capable of directly linking to any other being in order to spy on them and gain information without their knowledge or consent. She is also capable of hiding and teleporting in shadows or darkness. She has used this latter ability to bypass spells placed by her mother when trying to visit Pyrem, and she used it again in order to hide and escape from harm when attacked by Yala. Through this power Persha can go across the rift and still maintain her full power levels.


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