Character » Perseus appears in 7 issues.

    A former Pantheon member who is killed by Madman when he tries to help the Hulk.

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    Perseus use to be a member of the Pantheon. He became an innkeeper near Loch Ness and provided boat tours of the lake. The Hulk came to visit him when a mysterious monster sank one of his boats. The Hulk rented a boat to investigate the lake and was attacked by the cybernetic creature known as Piecemeal. The Hulk and Piecemeal fought from the lake onto the shore when the Hulk got knocked out from behind by the Madman. Madman and Piecemeal kept Perseus and some of his guests as hostages inside the inn. Perseus told Madman he was scaring his guest and ordered him to leave. Perseus punched Madman in the face when he refused. That just agitated Madman and he killed one of his guest. Meanwhile the Hulk was chained up and left for dead at the bottom of Loch Ness. The Hulk managed to break free and reach the shore. He crashed into the inn and started to fight with Piecemeal and Madman. During the chaos, Perseus ran into a room and grabbed his Pantheon spear. He came charging towards Madman but was caught in his grip. Madman then slammed Perseus into the ground with tremendous force. Hulk saw what happened and punched Madman through the inn. Hulk held Perseus as he layed there bleeding and near death. Perseus told the Hulk to finish the battle for him and to tell his daughter Cassie to come home. Perseus burst into a flash of light and turned into dust in the Hulk's hands. The Hulk grabbed Perseus' spear and charged towards Piecemeal. He impaled the creature and tossed him into the lake. After his death Perseus's body was converted into one of the Endless Knights.

    Powers and Abilities

    Perseus in his prime was good in hand-to-hand combat and wielded his Pantheon spear. As a member of the Pantheon, he also has a healing factor allowing him to recover from injuries much faster than a regular human being.


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