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    Persephone is one of the two last surviving members of the Spinsterhood

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    Persephone is a member of the Spinsterhood, an organization of warrior women who are trained to battle the evil Tyrant. She was a rival of Ganymede, but proved more skilled and earned her triple stripes, which are worn on her cheeks. After Tyrant's seeming defeat, he fled to the edges of the universe. The Spinsterhood went into hibernation until he returned. Tyrant returned much later than expected. Ganymede awoke to find herself the only surviving member. Persephone was reincarnated by Jakar in order to get Ganymede to assist in stealing one of Tyrant's globes in order for him to defeat the Stranger. She was very displeased that Ganymede had given up her hunt for Tyrant and was with a man, the Jack of Hearts. Although once rivals, they formed an alliance and were able to steal a globe from Tyrant. But Jakar betrayed them and did not allow them to face Tyrant as promised. Jakar continued to use them and lead them on a trail to find Tyrant, who unknown to them had been destroyed. 


    Persephone is a Marvel comics character. She was created by Michael Gallagher and Sandu Florea and first appears in Cosmic Powers Unlimited #3. A part of the Spinsterhood, she is named after an Asteroid that is located near Jupiter. Her foe and sometimes friend Ganymede is named after a moon of Jupiter. She has connection to the Marvel version of the mythological character Persephone.  

    Powers and Abilities 

    Highly skilled warrior she possessed enhanced strength, as well as enhanced speed and durability. She utilized a bo staff. which also grants energy projection powers. As Persephone earned a higher rank than Ganymede, indicated by her three face stripes, it could be concluded she is a superior fighter, impressive given that Ganymede is incredibly skilled and master of many forms of unarmed combat.   

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