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Peric was born as one of the of Tharv, an prosperous area on the planet Elekton. The people of Tharv were peaceful and instead of dedicating their time finding new ways to fight in an useless war they wanted to let their country and people prosper. Peric was the architect of the chief city of Tharv.  After the destruction of his city he found a new home with the Vorgs under leadership of Trigo along with his daughter and the remainder of his people.


The character Peric was created by Mike Butterworth and artist Don Lawrence in 1965. The influence was taken from the Roman empire. 

Character evolution

Peric is an arrogant and stubborn man, he believes in science and not in magic or ancient rituals and has no respect for these things. At first he believed all Vorg to be mere dumb brutes and barbarians. But after meeting with Trigo and hearing about his plans for a Trigan Empire he begins to think of them differently and becoming more open minded. 

Major Story arcs

The story starts with Peric as the architect of the chief city of Tharv. However it comes under attack of the mighty Lokans and is quickly destroyed by their superior fire power. The army of Tharv is quickly defeated as they are a peaceful people and not a warrior race. Peric refuses to leave the city at first and wants to die with his life work. But his daughter manages to persuade him and so they escape with the remainder of their people to the land of the Vorgs. Here he encounters Trigo, they quickly see the potential for an alliance between the two of them. Peric will be the architect of Trigo's new empire and Trigo will allow Peric and the people of Tharv to live amongst the Vorg. A new alliance is born and Peric stays with Trigo as his advisor.

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