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    Le Peregrine is France's native son and their premiere superhero. He made his first appearance in Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1 - A Gathering of Heroes (June 1982).

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    Look, up in the sky !
    Look, up in the sky !
    Alain Racine is the superhero known as Peregrine. His costume gives him some of his superhero powers because the costume has artificial wings giving him the ability to fly. His costume is formed in the shape of a falcon. 

    Peregrine’s first appearance was in the Grandmaster’s Contest of Champions. He was on the Grandmaster’s side. The contest opponent in this fight was Death and their struggle was for the life of the Collector. Peregrine was on the team of Captain America, Captain Britain, Wolverine, Daredevil, She-Hulk and the Thing. Another winged superhero named Angel was on the other team and was pitted against Peregrine. Angel had more experience than Peregrine and was able to defeat him.


    Character Creation

    Peregrine was created by Mark Gruenwald, Bill Mantlo,Steven Grant, and John Romita Jr. 

    Character Evolution

       Soon after this, back on Earth, Peregrine met Silver Sable, who asked him to become her freelance operative in France. Since Peregrine was born in Moulins, France he would be a natural choice to operate in France.

    The Red Skull had stolen a nuclear warhead and had to be stopped. Peregrine helped Hawkeye to destroy the warhead. When this happened it resulted in freeing the Sandman, who was another operative of Silver Sable.

    When the mutant Wolverine battled the villain Courier in defense of the runaway Lynx, Le Peregrine  abducted Lynx for his employer, corrupt billionaire Imus Champion. Champion planed to use Lynx for his own deeds, Champion sought the Panacea to cure a rare disease that was killing him. Le Peregrine delivered the Lynx to Champion’s Southern California base, whereupon Champion sent the monstrous Fleshtones to kill Le Peregrine in order to keep the Lynx’s location a secret. Le Peregrine defeated them with the aid of Wolverine & Courier ,who had tracked him to Champion’s base,and the Black Widow who was an official representative of S.H.I.E.L.D. 

    Major Story Arcs

    Border patrol
    Border patrol
    In the superhero Civil War Peregrine protected the borders of France from other super humans trying to escape from the Superhuman Registration Act.

    Alain Racine is French by birth and became his country's premiere superhero as the high flying Le Peregrine. His costume was falcon like, however in the French language peregrine does not mean Falcon. His name in french comics is Le Faucon Pèlerin meaning Peregrine Falcon.  


    The Peregrine is a professional-level athlete with exceptional proficiency in the French art of foot-boxing known as savate. He is also a superb detective and is very familiar with the subtle art of espionage. When in costume Peregrine has the capabilities of flight due to miniature anti-gravity generator system incorporated into his body suit and jet turbines incorporated into aerodynamic glider-wings. He has also used other hardware, such as infrared lenses, metal wrist talons, and radar-tracking attachments.

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