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    A demigod who is the son of the Greek God Poseidon and the mortal woman Sally Jackson, Percy is a Hero of Camp Half-Blood, Olympus, and a former praetor of the 12th Legion. He wages war on all those who would harm Olympus.

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    Percy is the son of the Greek god Poseidon and Sally Jackson, a mortal woman. His half-blood heritage gives him great control over water making him one of the most powerful demi-gods ever to live.


    Percy was created by Rick Riordan for his series of books Percy Jackson and the Olympians. The novels were made into Graphic Novels, and eventually, the first two became films.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Lightning Thief

    Percy is on a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, when his Pre-Algebra teacher, Mrs. Dodds, attacks him. He is saved when his latin teacher, Mr. Brunner, comes in and throws him a pen, which, when uncapped, became Riptide, an ancient Celestial bronze Greek sword. Percy proceeds to slice Ms. Dodds through the abdomen, reducing her to a pile of monster dust. Brunner later reveals that Mrs Dodds was in fact one of Hades' 3 Furies sent to kill him.

    Percy returns to the group and ends up getting in a fight with one of the bullies from his school (Nancy Bobofit) and he uses his water power for the first time and makes the water fountain behind her explode dousing her and all her friends. This act results in his expulsion from Yancy academy, he is given until the end to leave.

    Brunner then places a spell upon all the other pupils and teachers making them forget Mrs Dodds existed. This drives Percy slightly paranoid as he still vividly remembers fighting and killing her. One of his friends, Grover keeps slipping up and leads Percy to believe that he is being tricked. One night in school he overhears Mr Brunner and Grover discussing the incident with the Fury in the Museum.

    He is confident that he is right and what he saw and did was real. At the end of term Grover and Percy are taking a bus back to Percy's house when Percy sees 3 ancient ladies knitting, he sees them stretch out a piece of yarn and cut it. This droves Grover into paranoia as those ladies were the Fates and he believes they are signalling that Percy is to die.Grover reveals to Percy on the bus that he is supposed to be his protector and has been watching out for him throughout school. He also gives him a card with an address for "Camp Half-Blood".

    He promptly ditches Grover claiming his paranoia was scaring him, then returns home to his flat in New York with his mother (Sally Jackson) and his step-father ( Gabe Ugliano ). His step-father is drinking and gambling and is generally quite an unpleasant man. His mother on the other hand is perfect in Percy's eyes. Upon his return Sally tells Gabe that Percy and her are going to Montauk for a holiday. While on the way there a minotaur (also sent by Hades) intercepts them, they make their way to Camp Half-blood when Sally is picked up y the minotaur and seemingly killed. This drives Percy into a battle frenzy and he attacks and kills the minotaur taking its horn as a memento of his victory.

    He arrives in the camp partially unconscious and is taken to a room of healing for a few days before being discharged and allowed to explore the camp.

    After meeting Annabeth he is shown the camp and is placed in the Hermes Cabin where he is befriended by its counselor Luke. It is later explained to him that after WWII a pact was made where The “Big 3” gods vowed not to have children. Zeus is then revealed to have broken this and the tree that marks the boundary of Camp Halfblood is what remains of her (when dying was into Tree as a memorial by Zeus).

    Percy while exploring is given the Ares Camp welcome a.k.a. the swirllie when he reverses it and gives them all the swirllie instead. Later on during the game of Capture the flag, The Ares cabin comes back for revenge and he is defeated until he reaches the water where he gets more power and beats them all single-handedly. He is soon revealed to be the son of Poseidon.

    Percy is soon summoned before Chiron (who was the Mr. Brunner who saved him) and is given a quest to go to Hades’ land and reclaim the Master Bolt before a war starts between Zeus and Poseidon (Zeus thinking that Percy stole the bolt for Poseidon). With 10 days to complete the task, Percy with Annabeth and Grover start on the quest.

    When leaving Luke gives a farewell give to Percy, a pair of winged shoes.

    They travel west (according to what the oracle told him to do) and meet many creatures such as, Medusa, the Furies, and Ares who gives him a quest to reclaim his shield in turn for the evidence that Sally Jackson is alive.

    Eventually they make it to Hades’ realm, Grover is all of a sudden being dragged straight toward Tartarus (the deepest place filled with the most dreaded monsters in the universe). Grover manages to slip free. And after facing Cerberus, Percy confronts Hades. It is soon revealed that he has also been robbed and he also thinks Percy stole it.

    Percy then discovers that in his pack is the Master Bolt and realizes he has been conned and so leaves vowing to his mom that he will come back for her.

    Percy confronts Ares and ends up seeing that he wasn’t the planner of the theft of the master bolt and the helm of darkness. After defeating Ares he gives the helm to the furies asking them to give it to Hades. He then flies to NYC(something children of Poseidon never do…due to the hatred between Zeus and Poseidon) and returns the master bolt to him.

    Percy then tells Zeus and the Olympians of the thought he had had of Kronos’ return which they tell him to hush up. Percy then goes home and sees his mom there, and after a bit realizes that Gabe had hit her in the past. He then goes to see a package…which he finds is the Medusa head he had sent to Olympus. This he gives to his mom and leaves for Camp Halfblood.

    After a bit, the mastermind behind everything is revealed. Luke had been working for Kronos, and stole the master bolt. After refusing to join him, Percy is attackedand he barely makes it to the center of camp for the needed help. After Chiron heals him, Percy decides to try out another school and stay with his mom(who used the Medusa head on Gabe thus eliminating that problem).

    Sea of Monsters

    At the beginning of the story, Percy has nightmare about Grover being chased by some unknown monster. Percy wakes up disturbed by it.

    On the last day of school at Meriweather Prep, and Percy's only friend Tyson is once again being bullied. Later on this bullies are reveled to be Laistrygonians (Cannibal Giants) and Percy, with Tyson and Annabeth's help defeats them. Annabeth then reveals that she had gone to find him to tell him about her own nightmares.

    They then take a very interesting ride in the Gray Sisters Taxi and while there these 4 sets of numbers are mentioned to him: 30,31, 75, 12. Percy is confused and before being able to ask about what they mean they are dropped at camp where the 3 battle The Colchis Bulls.

    After a lot of work they are defeated and the camp saved. He then discovers that Tyson is a cyclops and that Thalia's Tree has been poisoned(thus why monsters were able to make it into the camp). To make matters worse Chiron has been fired as Activity's director and has been replaced by Tantalus who has a hatred towards them all and in particular Percy.

    Percy soon has another dream about Grover where he finds out that Grover is trapped in a cave with Polyphemus ( a cyclops ) and later that day it is revealed that Tyson is his half brother.

    The next day Percy asks Annabeth what his dream means and she tells him that the Golden Fleece is on the island and then they both realize that it can cure Thalia's Tree. That night they mention the fleece and a quest is made and Clarisse is sent much to Percy's anger.

    Hermes arrives and gives him supplies and sent him off (along with Annabeth and Tyson) and go onto the Princess Andromeda where they meet Luke who captures them. After a while they manage to escapeand Annabeth leads them to a mysterious Island hideout she had created with Luke and Thalia long before.

    Soon they are attacked by a Hydra, are saved by Clarisse and sail into the Sea of Monsters where the ship is destroyed and Tyson left for dead. After that they face Circe the witch who turns Percy into a Guinea Pig and after that adventure they meet the sirens.

    Annabeth wanting to know more about herself decides to listen to their music...after saving her from getting killed by them she reveals her weakness is Hubris (or fatal pride) and tells Percy he is lucky he doesn't have it.

    They soon reach Polyphemus' island where they rescue Clarisse and Grove, find Tyson alive, and recover the fleece. They soon arrive in Florida where Clarisse is sent to the camp with the fleece.

    Unfortunately soon after, Percy, Annabeth, Grover, and Tyson are captured by Luke and taken to the ship and headquaters of the Titan army: Princess Andromeda. Percy soon proves Chiron's innocence(by using a Iris Message and making Luke tell about his doing it). Percy then buys time for Clarisse by getting Luke to duel him and Percy is almost killed.

    Chiron comes to their rescue with his relatives "The Party Ponies". Chiron is then rehired and the next day they find out that Kronos has tricked them all once again...he had planned for them to claim the fleece in order to bring Thalia back...another way to control the prophesy.

    The Titan's Curse

    Percy, Annabeth, and Thalia meet up with Grover at Westover Hall, where he has discovered 2 halfbloods together (a very rare occurrence since their scent is twice as strong together and would have attracted monsters much sooner).

    Well then end up saving the 2 half bloods(named Bianca Di Angelo and Nico Di Angelo) from Dr. Thorn; a manticore, and with Artemis and her hunters, help defeat him. During the process Annabeth goes missing in action much to Percy’s devastation.

    Artemis goes hunting for “the monster that will destroy Olympus” and the halfbloods and Hunters take a ride with Apollo to camp.

    While there The Hunters play a game of Capture The Flag and beat the campers once again. Percy and Thalia start fighting and are interrupted by the Oracle who says this prophecy:

    Five shall go west to the goddess in chains

    One shall be lost in the land without Rain

    The Bane of Olympus shows the trail

    Campers and Hunters combined prevail

    The Titan’s Curse must one withstand

    And one shall perish at a parent’s hand.

    With a timeline to beat, 5 are selected to go west to save her. 1 of them gets sick and so can’t come. Percy before following them rescues the Ophiotaurus whom he names Bessie. Before leaving he promises Nico to protect his sister.

    He meets up with them in Washington D.C. and spots Dr. Thorn who meets with The General and with the 4 helps defeat some skeletons and the Nemean Lion.

    With help from Apollo they arrive at Cloudcroft, New Mexico. Percy and the others tackle and use the Erymanthian Boar which carries them to the junk yard of the gods in Gila Claw, Arizona.

    While at the Junkyard, Aphrodite and Ares arrive in a limo, telling him about him a future romantic life with Annabeth. He then is returned to the junkyard and begin exploring the it. Bianca sees the last figure her brother needs for his collection and unwittingly sets off the junkyard’s guardian. Bianca then sacrifices herself killing the monster.

    They then travel to Hoover dam where they are attacked again by the skeletal warriors, while trying to escape them, he meets Rachel Elizabeth Dare who can see through the Mist and helps him get to his companions. They then fly on the 2 mechanical angel statues and fly to Embarcadero in San Fransico.

    Percy and the others then find Nereus and get him to tell them who the monster is to which he say that it is the Ophiotaurus. Percy then has “Bessie” asks his Dad to give save transport to Long Island where the camp can pick them up…he then offers the Nemean Lion coat as a offering to him.

    They all then go to Annabeth‘s father to get transportation to the Garden of Hesperides. When they make it to the top of the mountain they see Atlas who is reveled to be the general and where he had been holding up the sky was Artemis.

    Percy and the group attack Atlas, Luke and their forces. When Percy needs his sword most in the fight his sword hand fails him and memory of Ares’ curse from the Lightning Thief comes to mind…so he soon tries to find a way to be useful in the fight and then takes the Burden from Artemis and allows her to fight in his stead.

    During the battle, Annabeth’s dad comes to help flying his plane and shooting the monsters with celestial bronze bullets made from Annabeth’s celestial bronze weapons that she had left behind. During the battle Atlas wounds his daughter Zoe and through some quick thinking from Artemis and Percy they manage to get Atlas to take back the burden of the sky.

    Zoe dies from her wounds and is turned into a constellation as a special honor for her undying loyalty. During the battle Luke was thought to have been killed but Annabeth says he survivedand this is later confirmed by Poseidon who shows a image of him gathering a army for Kronos.

    Thalia then becomes a Hunter much to Percy’s relief (he thought it was going to be Annabeth).

    When they arrive home Percy has the hard job of telling Nico of Bianca’s death…Nico then hates him and a ton of skeletons rise out of the ground. It soon becomes painfully obvious that he is a son of Hades and that the prophecy may not be about him after all. Percy then claims the prophecy for himself and has his friends vow not to tell anyone about who Nico’s Dad is.

    The Battle of the Labyrinth

    Percy arrives at his new school and sees Rachel Elizabeth Dare the girl who could see in the mist. After the attack by the empousai cheerleaders and his being framed for murder he then goes to camp.

    While there he meets Quintus the new swordsmanship instructor. He then attends the trial of Grover at the Council of the Cloven Hooves. While at this meeting he finds out Grover has gotten a girlfriend whose name is Juniper.

    That night Percy sees the water fountain glowing and he deposit’s a drachma and sees Nico(the kid who lost his sister in the previous book) who reveals he is now hunting for a soul that has cheated death, to exchange for that of his sister.

    The Next day, Percy learns of the Labyrinth(which was created by Daedalus)and how Luke and his forces have been exploring it, they also mention that it can be used by Grover to help him meet his deadline in finding the god Pan.

    During the battle drill, Percy and Annabeth stumble upon the entrance to the Labyrinth that is inside camp and Clarisse then explains that Luke(who knows about the passage) wants to use it as the way to invade the camp.

    Percy, Annabeth, Grover, and Tyson are to go on a quest to find Daedalus before Luke.

    Percy and the others wander out of the Labyrinth and meet Kampe the torturer for Kronos. After freeing Briares the Hundred-Handed One they flee back into the Labyrinth.

    They then arrive at the farm of Geryon and liberate it from him giving it to his 2nd in command, Eurytion. Percy then has Nico summon Bianca and a truce is then made between Percy and Nico…at least a temporary one. Nico refuses to join them on the quest in order to go and “collect his thoughts”.

    The Group then go to see Hephaestus and make a deal to find Daedalus. And so to fulfill this promise they travel to Mt. St. Helens. The Telkhines attack and Percy covers Annabeth’s escapeand he summons the power of the sea causing Mt. St. Helens to erupt and is pushed out of the Volcano and then blacks out.

    Percy awakens and finds himself on a island with Calypso. After being treated he is offered to stay with her forever and be immortal but says he can’t stay and returns to the Mortal world, leaving her in his mind as the Biggest What If.

    After visiting his mom to let her know he is okay, they visit Rachel Elizabeth Dare who agrees to guide them through the Labyrinth. They are soon captured and Percy fights and defeats Antaeus(also a son of Poseidon).

    After meeting Daedalus(who is Quintus) in his workshop they find he has given Luke a way to pass through the maze.

    Kronos takes Luke’s body as his own and claims his new weapon. He also finds out Nico is the son of Hades.

    Pan is found and revealed to want to disappear and with Grover’s finally saying he is gone his power flows into all satyrs(especially Grover).

    The campers battle Kronos’ army and with the help of Nico, Grover, and Briares…they manage to defeat them.

    After the battle Daedalus is put to rest and the Labyrinth dies as well(there life force is intertwined after all).

    Burials are made, Nico leaves camp to wander and work on finding a way to help defeat Kronos, and Grover is allowed to stay.

    At Percy’s 15th birthday party, Paul asks Percy what he thinks about his wanting to propose to Sally. He says “go for it” and after his Dad’s visit and telling him that he is his favorite son, Nico appears outside and tells him his idea on how Percy could “even the odds” in the battle with Kronos.

    The Last Olympian

    To defeat Kronos, Percy and Beckendorf go to the Princess Andromeda to blow it up. Kronos reveals he was ready for this and Beckendorf sacrifices himself to save Percy and blow up the ship.

    Percy awakens in Poseidon’s castle which is under siege by the titan of the sea…Oceanus. After a little bit, Percy is sent to Camp Halfblood where they learn about his mission and Silena is left in mourning over the loss of her boyfriend.

    Percy then learns about the prophecy involving him:

    A half-blood of the eldest gods

    Shall reach sixteen against all odds

    And see the world in endless sleep

    The hero's soul, cursed blade shall reap

    A single choice shall end his days

    Olympus to preserve or raze.

    Percy also reveals that they have a spy, but this is left alone for the time being. Percy leaves with Nico to visit Luke’s mom and talk with Hestia. Percy then visits his mom and then goes to the Underworld.

    Percy is betrayed by Nico who gets info for doing so. He then frees him and Percy bathes in the River Styx taking on the Curse of Achilles which grants him superhuman speed and invulnerability. Utilizing his newly earned abilities, Percy then proceeds to obliterate the strike force Hades sends after him, and manages to best the God if the Dead himself. However, Hades teleports away before Percy can do serious damage.

    Percy gets back from the Underworld and gets the campers together(minus the Ares cabin who refuse to fight due to not having the amount of respect they want) and prepare for the battle with the titans(who are using Typhoon as a distraction to keep the gods away while they do a direct attack against Olympus without said gods there).

    Percy organizes the campers to help hold off the titans forces and with the help of the Hunters of Artemis, satyrs, naiads, dryads, cenatur, and the Automatons manage to keep Kronos’ forces at bay albe it barely (and I mean barely cause they kept on getting forced back).

    Percy takes on Hyperion and defeats him. Annabeth gets wounded while saving Percy’s life from Ethan. Percy then asks how she knew where his vulnerable spot was to which she replies she doesn’t know.

    Rachel flies from the family vacation and tells him he is not the hero of the Great Prophecyand it will influence his choice later that day. She also says there is a monster who that only a child of Ares shall defeat.

    When said monster appears, Clarisse appears and fights it but is then poisoned and killed. It then soon revealed that it was Silena. The real Clarisse arrives and defeats the monster. Silena is then revealed to be the traitor and dies apologizing for her crimes and dies a hero in their eyes.

    Driven to the Empire State Building, Percy and the others prepare to protect Olympus from Kronos. Even with Hades, Nico, and the Underworld army, Kronos breaks through and enters Olympus.

    Percy and Kronos fight to a stand still neither being able to gain even the slightest advantage. Ethan son of Nemesis is given the sight to see what would happen under Kronos’ rule and dies.

    After Luke gains control of his body, Percy makes the move of trust and gives him a weapon where he kills himself making him the hero of the prophecy and not Pecy. He then in his dying breath has Percy promise to have all demigod children claimed to which he agrees.

    After Typhoon’s defeat, the gods return and grant Percy, Grover, Annabeth, Thalia, and Tyson all rewards for doing their quests so well.

    Percy has all the gods vow(as his reward) to claim their children by age 13, all the peaceful titans released, Big 3 pact to be disbandedand all the gods recognized at camp.

    Rachel becomes the new oracle and a new prophecy is made:

    Seven halfbloods shall answer the call

    To storm or fire the world must fall

    An oath to keep with the final breath

    And fores bear arms at the Doors of Death

    Percy and Annabeth begin dating. And the the book ends with this line: “For once I didn’t look back."

    The Lost Hero

    During the time of Lost Hero, Percy is asleep being put that way by Hera who was waiting for the right time to introduce him to the Roman Halfbloods. Though he is mentioned in the story arc, Percy never formally introduced and put into the plot.

    Son of Neptune

    When we first see him he is being attacked by Medusa's sisters who are intent on getting their revenge on him. He is currently suffering from amnesia and only remembers one thing Annabeth. Percy then helps an old woman get to Camp Jupiter by crossing a river. However, by entering Roman territory, he loses the Curse of Achilles. At the camp, where she reveals herself to be Juno (Hera), and announces he is a son of Neptune (Roman equivalent of Poseidon).

    Percy then meets various halfbloods such as Frank, an archer, Hazel, a daughter of Pluto, and Reyna, praetor of Camp Jupiter. He also sees Nico though he doesn't recognize him, due to his memory loss. He participates in the War Games later on and impresses everyone with his war prowess.

    Frank's father is revealed to be Mars, who gives him a quest to free Thanatos, god of death. Due to Thanatos' imprisonment, monsters (and even a demigod) have been coming back to life. Percy and Hazel accompany Frank on his quest and meet Iris and see the Giant army. Meeting an old man named Phineas on the quest, who is all seeing and all knowing, Percy gambles for Thanatos' location. Percy and Phineas each take a vial of Gorgon's blood, one which heals and one which kills. Before they take the vials, Phineas writes down the location of Thanatos' prison. Percy drinks the healing vial, and Phineas dies. The location is revealed to be the Hubbard Glacier. They then meet the Amazons and escape their evil leader. On the way to Alaska, Hazel reveals she is actually a girl who died seventy years prior, but was rescued by Nico di Angelo. She and her mother were controlled by Gaea to raise the giant Alcyoneus, but they sacrificed themselves to prevent his premature rising. Frank also reveals that his life depends on a piece of firewood. If the firewood were to burn out, Frank would die.

    The trio reach the glacier to find Thanatos trapped in chains, which can only be melted by the "fire of life," Frank's firewood. Meanwhile, Alcyoneus and his ghost legion attack Percy and Hazel. Frank melts the chains with just a tiny piece of firewood left. Frank discovers his family talent, transforming into animals, and helps them fight back the giant. Percy collapses the iceberg, taking out the ghost legion, but seemingly falls with it. Frank and Hazel drag Alcyoneus over the Canadian border, where he is powerless, and kill him. Percy is revealed to be fine, and the three rush back to Camp Jupiter.

    By the time of the return to Camp Jupiter, the healing effects of the Gorgon's blood recovered his memories. During a battle at the camp, Tyson, Ella, and Mrs. O'Leary come to help. Percy challenges Polybotes, the giant opposition of Poseidon. Along with Terminus, the god of boundaries (giants can only be defeated by mortal and gods' combined efforts). Percy defeats the giant Polybotes and is proclaimed a praetor. That night he argues with Hera about wiping his memories and keeping him in a coma.

    The next day he talks to the senate about defeating Gaia, having Roman and greek demigods fighting together. Octavian tries to persuade people that the Greeks coming is but a trap and Percy promises them the Greeks are not trying to attack.

    Percy's last line in the book is "Come and meet my other family".

    Mark Of Athena

    Percy welcomed the Greeks to New Rome, but was antagonized by the Romans when a Greek (Leo) under the influence of an Eidolon blew up portions of the city. He escapes with Hazel, Frank, and the Greeks and makes his way across the Atlantic.

    Later, when possessed by Eidolons, he fights Jason Grace. Only Piper prevented him from killing Jason.

    With Jason, Percy defeated the Giants Otis and Ephialtes. They battled the two to a standstill until Dionysus came in and destroyed the Twin Giants.

    He then went to rescue Annabeth from Ariadne, but the floor collapses when they're about to get onto the ship and they fall into Tartarus.

    House of Hades

    Percy was trapped in Tartarus with Annabeth. After fighting their way through hordes of monsters with the help of Bob and Damasen, they make it to the Doors of Death and emerge only to be knocked out by the Gian Clytius. However, Hazel defeats Clytius and Percy and Annabeth return alive.

    Characteristics and Statistics

    Gender: Male

    Height: 6' 0"

    Stature: Originally described as slim and weak but later becomes muscular and built from training at Camp Half Blood

    Eyes: Sea Green

    Hair: Jet Black

    Powers, Skills, and Abilities

    As a demigod he has these "disabilties" which are actually really helpful in Greek society...

    ADHD: While not be able to stay still like most people for long periods of time, this actually is because his mind is wired for battle and can see attack patterns and minor details about a opponent(This he shares with most demigods) and also allows him to react faster in battle scenarios.

    Dyslexia: His mind (like most Greek demigods) has been hardwired for ancient greek and subsequently can't read today's languages as easily as we can.

    His other demigod powers include:

    Limited Clairvoyance: Percy has the ability to see events from distant locations and times, usually in dreams, and can sometimes see things from a person's eyes in said visions

    Sword Fighting Skills: He has shown remarkable sword fighting skills being able to fight more skilled opponents, gods, giants, and titans even to the point of actually beating them, most notably Ares God of War.

    Curse of Achilles: Percy gained the abilities of invulnerability, super speed, and even better battle skill while bathing in the River Styx. His one weakness while he had these gifts was the small spot of his back: his "Achilles heel", which would kill him if it were harmed. He lost the Curse of Achilles in the Son of Neptune due to crossing into Roman waters.

    Empathy Link: Percy has a psychic connection with the satyr Grover and this has been used on various occasions to save each other from impending doom. However, this link has weakened over time and is now almost gone.

    Super Strength: Percy has shown great feats of superhuman strength, the greatest of which is lifting the sky (although he barely could). His strength is augmented when in contact with water. Even as a baby, he is shown to have enough strength to straggle pythons that were sent after him. This is a reference to Hercules.

    Powers revolving around Water: When close to or in water he gains superhuman clarity, strength, speed, agility and endurance, this has allowed him to beat Luke when untrained and defeat Ares in a epic duel. He also can control the water on a semi-molecular level being able to make gigantic waves, tremendous tsunamis, propel himself, make air bubbles underwater for other people, breathe underwater, and be able to fall intowater from any height and not be harmed. Some of his greatest feats include crushing a giant iceberg, making water able to be walked upon, and controlling water from hundreds of miles away.

    Sailing: Percy has knowledge of any boat he is on and knows seamanship terms. He can steer the ship telekinetically, has knowledge of his exact coordinates, and can control the ship otherwise.

    Communication with Creatures: Percy can communicate(both normally and telepathically) with any Horse, as Poseidon is the father of all horses, underwater animals, and their relative species. He also can talk to other children of Poseidon this way as shown when telepathically talking with Tyson. Most underwater creatures or horses obey him and treat him with reverence, being a son of Poseidon (with the exception of flesh eating horses).

    Control of Storms: Percy has shown the ability to control Hurricanes and other kinds of storms, even accurately. Such tremendous expenditure of power weakens him though.

    Earthquakes: Percy has the ability to make earthquakes and cause volcanic eruptions from them...first time he used this ability he ruined most of Northwest America.

    Cyrokinesis: Percy has limited control of ice, being able to make a freezing whirlwind at the most.

    Heat Resistance: Percy has taken lava blasts and endured them. He can also survive in the superheated air of a volcano. He has also endured falling through the air at high speed burning through the air like a comet and he endured this(though he blacked out)

    Godly food consumption: Like all demi-gods, Percy is able to eat a little Ambrosia and Nectar, the food of the gods, in small amounts for healing purposes. Too much, however, will cause him to burn up, literally. Ambrosia tastes like popcorn to Percy, and Nectar tastes like chocolate chip cookies.

    Enhanced Time Perception Rate: In the Last Olympian, Percy was able to process his pegasus Blackjack moving at high speeds.

    Magical Items and Weapons

    Riptide: Percy's main weapon is his deadly ballpoint pen. In Greek it's pronounced Anaklusmos, translated to english it means Riptide. When Percy takes off the removable cap the pen grows into a traditional Greek mid-sized sword. When he touches the cap to the tip of the blade it shrinks into a pen again. When he touches the cap to the hilt of the sword, it shrinks to a pen, but with the writing tip exposed. If he loses his sword, it automatically reurns to his pocket in pen form after a few moments.

    Wristwatch/shield: Percy's half-brother Tyson made him a sheild that collapses into a wristwatch and vice versa. In shield form, it is decorated with scenes from the Sea of Monsters adventure.It was damaged by a manticore in the Titan's Curse, but Tyson repaired it in time for Percy to lose it in the Battle of the Labyrinth.

    Golden Drachmas: The currency of the gods, used by Percy on many occasions for "non-mortal transactions".

    Stygian Dog Whistle: A dog whistle for Percy's pet hellhound Mrs. O'Leary. It was given to Percy by her former master Deadelus. It is crafted of ice from the River Styx, and will never melt. It is very fragile, however, and shatters when it is used. Percy used it in the Battle of the Labyrinth.


    Percy usually wears an orange Camp Half-Blood t-shirt when at camp or on quests. He always wears his camp necklace. He now has the standard Roman black tattoo burned into his forearm. It reads SPQR with a trident and one stripe.

    Percy often flies into battle with his pegasus, Blackjack, a flying horse who can move at the high speeds.


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