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    Destroyer of worlds and leader of the Signalmen.

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    Peraxxus is an alien who discovered giant robots named Signal Men who's function was to track the progress of different planets and report back to their masters about the advancements made. However, when the Signal Men's creators died, they lay dormant for many years and eventually Peraxxus found them. He used the Signal Men to destroy different worlds and collect anything of value: Ore, minerals, seeds, spores, germs and anything else which may hold some price.


    Peraxxus was created by Justice League International writer Dan Jurgens.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Signal Masters

    The Signal Men alert Peraxxus of Earth and he uses them to cause chaos across the planet. When Guy Gardner hears that there is a spacecraft in orbit he goes to investigate, thinking it might have something to do with the large robots destroying the World. He is indeed correct. However before he can do much, Peraxxus knocks him out. Peraxxus then teleports Guy, along with the Justice League International (who have been defeated and captures by Perxxus's drones) to one location, where he reveals his plan. The JLI break free, but Peraxxus retreats back to his ship and watches as the Signal Men destroy the planet. He's eventually defeated when the JLI distract him, while altering the ships programming. The Signal Men cease to function and Peraxxus flies off into space, swearing he will get revenge.


    Peraxxus is shown having many powers including flight, super strength and high levels of durability. He is also able to teleport and fire blasts of energy from his axe.


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