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    The People's Heroes are a team of Russian superheroes that answered to Premier Mikhail Gorbachev. They have fought against the Outsiders and the Suicide Squad. Later, they resurfaced as the major russian superhero team, opposing to other countries own superhumans armies.

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    The People's Heroes were a group of superhuman agents created by Communist scientists using information learned through scientific analysis of the American super team, The Force of July who they captured and analyzed. They are assigned to the Soviet secret service. They battled The Outsiders twice and each team had a winning battle against each other. The People's Heroes later came into conflict with the Suicide Squad during a kidnapping mission. The Squad squarely defeated the Heroes, leaving Pravda for dead.

    After a failed attempt by Hammer and Sickle to execute Red Star - another Russian hero - on behalf of an extreme faction of the Russian government, the People's Heroes were disbanded. However, Molotov and Bolshoi were recruited by the Red Shadows, the Russian counterpart of the Suicide Squad.

    The Suicide Squad made up of core members, Bronze Tiger, Nightshade, Deadshot, and Captain Boomerang broke into a Russian prison based on bad Intel to retrieve Rick Flag . This information was found to be incorrect. It was a trap for the Squad and they faced The Peoples Heroes, a second time, along with Stalnoivolk. Captain Boomerang sliced Bolshoi's tips of his right fingers off with a steel boomerang which lodged into his abdomen. Deadshot used incendiary explosives on Molotov, Nightshade took Pravda into her shadow realm, and Bronze Tiger disabled Stalnoivolk by disrupting his equilibrium with a punch. The Squad left realizing there was no Rick Flag.

    Doomsday Clock

    The People's Heroes make a return to thefront when the Supermen Theory started to spread around the world. Fearing than the USA had the 97% of superhuman population of the world, Russia drafted all his major heroes as members of the People's Heroes, an action similar to the actions of China, France, Great Britain, India, Israel and Markovia. The superhuman army run has started.

    The new team operates under the leadership of Pozhar and includes several veterans heroes who had worked with american teams and heroes. Also several members of the Soyuz group had been included in their line up.


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