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Young Captain Adventure (Episode 1: Hotblooded)

Young Captain Adventure attempts to live up to the legacy of his father (the second Captain Adventure and co-founder of the Team Supreme) by heading out to New York City to sign up with Team Supreme. However, he learns the team is now all about the publicity and after an argument with Hotblood he decides to prove that he can be a true hero while they can't and he meets Darkblood -a super villain- for a fight. Sadly, he doesn't prove himself at all and after getting beaten by Darkblood's henchmen he gets beaten up by Hericane (a member of Team Supreme whom he first met by accidentally walking into her and burying his face in her cleavage)...but not everything is lost as Hericane decides she fancies Young Captain Adventure and lets him choose top or bottom. Afraid and confused he chooses top and superhero sex ensues, laying waste to the area of the city...but at least Young Captain Adventure got some good out of the whole experience.

Scion (Episode 1: The Hunter)

It is 1994, the KGB has forcibly been dissolved and in Moscow, things are not how they used to be, but one secret government project has not yet been spilled, Scion. A man is sent out to locate the fifty original test subjects that make up Scion. His first target leads him to a household where he interrogates the mother and father as to the whereabouts of their nineteen year old daughter. Though at first they are unwilling to submit they eventually relent and admit that she ran away sometime ago and became nothing more than a prostitute. So the hunter leaves their house and walking down the street he picks up a dropped 100 dollar bill and hands it to a woman. He then continues to seek out his prey, he infiltrates her quarters after watching one of her sessions with binoculars and coercing the satisfied man to leave with his gun he then makes love to her after paying her with a 100 dollar bill. Suddenly she begins to change, to transform into some metahuman creation and when she inquires to what is going on the hunter replies, while changing shape, that she knows everything because she is the first one of their kind, she killed the hunter, and now...together they are Scion.

Libby in the Lost World

This tale was meant to be that one story that women could "identify with" while men could still enjoy, how women can identify with it is a question you can ponder...the story opens in a plane where a woman named Libby has decided it was finally time to get married, the man was a slob and a pimple on mankind but he was rich, and that's what she wanted. However the plane goes down when it crashes into something and when she awakes she finds dinosaurs devouring her husband-to-be. She runs for her life to escape the reptile and in the process loses most of her clothing. That's when she stumbles across the "cavemen" who seem rather enthused to have at what may be the first woman they've seen in years but she overcomes them and pushes them back for she is modern woman! The story concludes when she kills a dinosaur that was attacking her and the men begin to worship her as a goddess, and she decides to take her mother's advice and ends up with a doctor...a witch doctor of course.

Bethlehem Steele (Episode 1: Pirate Hearts)

It's the 23rd century and in a spaceship two women (Beth and Thea) are making love to each other when suddenly their ship collides with something. It's not long before their ship is boarded by pirates and although Beth makes a grand stand against them, they manage to subdue her and Thea and take them to Captain Gemini. After talking with them he eventually decides that they can be part of his crew, they accept his offer and Bethlehem (the mystery woman) now works for him. Some days later, Bethlehem and the Captain are together in a club for those people some might consider "outcasts" and while they're there Bethlehem fights to defend her Captain from an angry Captain Krush who was cheated by Gemini. This leads to her getting impaled and then running away into an alley where we see her suddenly without a scratch. Gemini runs to her to see if she's okay and she says it was nothing, they then proceed to have sex right there in the alley (the crew-members watch and make their comments for a short time) but eventually Beth does go to the medic (Thea) and it is revealed she is in fact a cyborg.

Doctor Dare (Episode 1: The Right Man for the Job)

It's World War II, and America has a new scientist amongst their crew, a public video portrays her as something of a mere housewife, breaching the gender barrier to help the U.S. army in the scientific area, though her contribution doesn't appear to be too important. However, that is exactly the military's ploy, to paint Dr. Joanna Dare as a timid female that should be of no threat and couldn't possibly be working on anything of extreme importance. Quite the contrary to that, she is working on a Super Soldier Formula of sorts but it's still in the testing stage. While she's working on it though, Agent D and her Nazi henchmen bust into the lab and tear through Dr. Dare's files, taking what they want and leaving Dare tied to a chair with the building on fire and a bomb ticking to detonation. In this crisis situation she decides she has to drink the formula sitting on the counter and does so by craning her neck over to the counter and picking the beaker up with her mouth and tipping her head back to ingest the liquid. Then the bomb explodes and all goes black but months later the Dr. awakes to learn all her wounds had healed on their own and that she seems superhuman. She seems to learn that giving into her new sexual urges increases her power and uses this to defeat a returning Agent D one more time...but not before her lover, Dr. William Regis is killed and as he dies in her arms he lets her know that she must not let the formula fall into the wrong hands and she must fight for America.

Hotblood vs. The Diablo Bros.

The story opens in the home of the Diablo Brothers (Ice Cream and Ice Coffee) who are pissed off at how Mr. Antonacchi is cheating them with his WWE-like events that utilize superhumans rather then regular run-of-the-mill humans but just like wrestling, it's all staged and broadcast on Pay-Per-View. As it turns out, Ice Cream and Ice Coffee are tired of being humiliated and defeated by Hotblood so they throw out the script. Meanwhile, Mr. Antonacchi preps Hotblood for the fight through publicity and does his best to keep the man away from women and food to keep him in his best shape. However, Hotblood is very unhappy with this arrangement and finds it hard to control finally, when the staged fight begins between Hotblood and the Diablo Brothers, they start kicking his ass until they wind up sending him flying through a window where he ends up in the restaurant where the two girls who want him work. Needless to say, he ends up eating and fornicating in a rather disturbing event that could ruin his career but he doesn't care. So Mr. Antonacchi lies so that the Diablo Brothers will stop Hotblood from ruining his career but Hotblood is upset that his intercourse was interrupted and completely destroys the Diablo Brothers, successfully making his greatest fight to date! And so with his victory he enjoys the high life of money, food and babes while Mr. Antonacchi takes care of the rest.

Right Place, Wrong Time

This is just a short story at the back of the issue as part of Penthouse Comix International, which is meant to display the artistic talents of non-American artists, in this case Horacio Altuna. The story is about a young man and woman and their "forbidden love". Since both of them still live with their parents they must have their sexual intercourse, elsewhere, usually in the oddest of places such as picture booths and other hidden but public areas. And when they finally have enough money to get a home of their own and marry one another, they realize the sex just isn't as fun in the safety of their own home and they go back to living the good life of adrenaline-pumping sex.


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I think a lot of people would be surprised at just how unerotic Penthouse Comix actually was. Throughout the 1990s, sales of 'skin' magazines like Penthouse continued to flag as the new World Wide Web exploded after the invention of Mosaic - the first graphical web browser making pictures (even those of scantily clad women) just a click away. One of the few areas of the publishing world that continued to expand in market share was the world of comics. So it was only natural that the Guccione's o...

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