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The illegal underground fighting league, the Lucha Underground attracts many dangerous, ruthless, and sadistic fighters, but one of the, if not most, violent, sadistic and dangerous luchador it has attracted is Pentagon Jr. Dario Cueto would envision Pentagon Jr as a valuable asset to have for his Temple. Pentagon Jr had long felt he had not received enough respect and gratitude from Mexican fans. Pentagon, obsessed with injuring and hurting is opponents, would begin to gain a reputation for being overly sadistic and violent. Even more so when he would begin dedicating his unique brand of violence and wrestling to an unseen master. Eventually this would turn out to be Vampiro, despite his alter Ian Richard Hodgkinson being a color commentator for Lucha Underground. After beginning a new technique, Pentagon would go on to break the arms of several Lucha Underground competitors, such as Argenis and Super Fly.

In a daring and bold move, Pentagon Jr would even attack and break the arm of then champion Mil Muerte.


Pentagon Jr is a fictional character, created by the El Rey Network, for the Lucha Underground show. In 2016, El Rey Network would release a series of comics that use the characters from Lucha Underground, filling in details and plot points between Season One and Season Two.

Pentagon Jr and his story would be covered in the third issue written by Justin Ortiz, Christopher Dejoseph and Fabian Rangel Jr.

Major Story Arcs

Season Two

Stronger and more violent than ever after defeating his former mentor, Pentagon Jr would have several rivalries with different other lucha wrestlers. This would culminate in a feud between Pentagon Jr and Matanza and Dario Cueto.


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