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    Penny Pincer (Penny Koss) is an archaeologist and was once Gina Diggers' fierce rival. Like Gina, she is a Multi-faceted Genius who's knowledge in many fields is on the cutting edge. She currently works alongside Gina on big projects/Digs, Has adopted Charlotte, and has recently married Kevin "Ace" Koss.

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    From the beginning Penny Pincer and Gina Diggers have competed in the searching for and discovery of lost civilizations, Artifacts, and unsolved Mysteries.

    Penelope Pincer was a Child Prodigy without a serious interest until Archeology. Up to that point she "dabbled" in things like becoming a Physician or working Chemistry until she gained a degree. Then she met a true equal in Gina Diggers in a field that actually held her interest. They came across each other the first time in an event only inferred as a confrontation that started their heated competition and the regular trading of Wedgies.

    First recorded Teamup of Penny and Gina
    First recorded Teamup of Penny and Gina

    They more often than not end up at the same site at the same time and the resulting dust up between the two nerds is entertaining in itself . In most cases one or the other has the advantage and forced the other to back off by either denying aid from a life threatening situation or trading information for freedom.

    A “Wedgie “ is when you hoist someone up by their underwear. This went on for quite a bit in the beginning but tapered off as they got more serious and worked more for than against each other. The “Tit for Tat” would continue until Penny Pincer was convinced by Kevin Koss to bury the hatchet by offering the Digger sisters a loan to cover thousands of dollars in debt interest free. The only catch for Gina was that she would have to spend a four hour shift behind the counter at “Taco Hut”. Penny still wanted to get “the last Lick” by having a few hundred people lined up to come in and order food on her dime – but Gina’s open offer of friendship disarmed her and she took those hundreds to “Pizza Bell” instead.

    Super Scientist

    Though their strengths and educations run parallel in many areas of expertise both still have specialties that the other lacks, Penny for example has a Masters in Ballistics and is a Qualified MD and Brain Surgeon. (Things Gina has shown envy on)

    Based on feats she also has degrees in Electronics, Computer Science, Cybernetics, Engineering, Physics, and Chemistry.

    Speaking on “Feats” Penelope has Developed, designed and built Mini subs, Hover carriers, Hovercraft, Jet engines, and Starcraft, (As in a faster than light driven space ship!). She has also developed what could be called advances in Bowcaster technology and has rediscovered and made use in designing Beta technology for everything from “keys” to Bowcasters with unlimited ammo that are held up and slaved to her eyepiece by the previously mentioned Beta tech. Though she doesn’t get into robotics to the level Gina does she has developed the ultimate auto pilot in AI form that she can move from Vehicle to vehicle as needed when Kevin Koss isn’t around to transport her.

    Like most Nerds she seems to have a need to read all about everything that interests her,.. making her (Like Gina) a pack-rat of information

    . This comes in handy if you want to do out of the ordinary things like be a Radar officer on a fighter jet or be able to see a group of aircraft and determine which should be the best choice in a fight against all of them.


    1. Friends - Penny Pincher prior to resolving her issues with Gina didn’t appear to have friends, only acquaintances, and employees. Her early life seemed to be a quiet and lonely one because she was that child prodigy. It made her a very arrogant person and too proud to stomach. After she teamed up with Gina that first time in El Dorado, she was forced to mingle and get to know more than a dozen people in life threatening situations that made her trust and depend on others. After that start, she seemed to open up and accept people as they were and fostered friendships with those willing to treat her as a person.

    2. Romance – Also after that first team up with Gina, and before the second - she had met and gone out with Kevin “Ace” Koss, the pilot

    Kevins 1st trip with Penny
    Kevins 1st trip with Penny

    who normally transports Gina, her sister and their gear all over the world. What has occurred since then is a serious relationship between the two with Penny working toward getting married, and Kevin getting used to the idea while sidestepping her less than subtle attempts. In Kevin Koss she appears to have found someone who was not intimidated by her wealth or intelligence but who could see the person behind the arrogant elitist she played at for so long. She has now worn him down to the point where he rarely corrects her anymore when she calls him Kevin in public. They were having issues that were caused in part with another woman who set her sights on Kevin, “Skippy” the Premier ace of the mercenary organization NightFlight. Skippy has more in common with Ace in regards to flying than Penny does, and believed this made her the better choice for him. Penny feared that she would lose Kevin to her and this is where the issue came from. The situation came to a head when Skippy had forced Ace to give his word to marry her by threatening to kill hostages of a failed attempt to take over Nightflights flying fortress the Gull Wing. Penny Pincher had then challenged Skippy to an Dog fight for Kevin Koss. Whomever lost would "ditch" Kevin and move on. Skippy accepted,.. and it would have been an easy win for her - except she had to break off to defend the Gull Wing, and it cost her her plane and the match against Penny, (Who got a free pass from night flight for assisting in the rescue of the Gull Wing.) Skippy is leaving Ace to Penny in the mixed belief that Penny does love Ace but she can just be patient that her dangerous lifestyle will end with her being killed leaving Ace to her. Currently as of this writing Penny and Kevin have married and are on a "working" honeymoon.

    3. Caring – Penny Pincer has gone from a “me” person to a “we” person. She has used her fortune, Standing in the community, and scientific / medical knowledge on more than one occasion simply because it was the right thing to do. She has Adopted a bio-engineered Harpy as her child and is raising her. She has spent millions to design and build earths first starship to go help a friend who was 500 million light years away. She has operated on and saved more than one friend from certain death.

    As of this writing Penny remains engaged in multiple projects both within her own interests and is supporting the Interests of her friends. She is deciphering the origins of a silicon life form that came to earth millennium ago, examining and mapping the powers and abilities of the Dynasty, has uncovered the first hint of the encroaching danger from the previous Universe, has trained Charlotte up into the scientific method, and remains a foil and double-check for Gina on topics only the two of them can have animated convo on.

    Ace on Penny
    Ace on Penny

    Penny Has changed the most in the Gold Digger universe going from competitor and rival to best friend of Gina Diggers.


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