Penny Carlyle

    Character » Penny Carlyle appears in 7 issues.

    Penny Carlyle was resurrected by God to become his assassin.

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    Living with her boyfriend David Weber in Detroit, Penny's world was destroyed when David was gunned down by members of the Unholy, a group of demons posing as loan sharks. She herself was mortally shot also. But due to God's intervention, she was given another chance to work as one of the Fallen.

    Major Story Arcs

    When taken in by fellow Fallen, she tells them her name is Penny Carlyle, an internet model for Not able to cope with her newfound life and powers, she rejects the Fallen's offer to join them. However, Penny is also the mayor's daughter and her disappearance, while leaving the corpse of David Weber, is quickly made into a high profile case. Penny is wanted for questioning. Penny learns that people don't see her as she is, but as someone else. Thus she's able to keep herself out of the hands of the authorities. When she discovers that God can give her tasks by pounding them in her head, she accepts the Fallen's offer to join them. During her first mission for God, she's able to kill Defazio, the demon who put out the hit on her boyfriend David Weber.

    Powers & Abilities

    Her speed is enhanced tenfold, she's near weightless and three times stronger than the strongest man.


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