Penance Stare

    Concept » Penance Stare appears in 29 issues.

    The Penance Stare is a powerful weapon used by Ghost Riders to inflict upon victims all the pain that victim has cause to others.

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    The power of the Penance Stare requires Ghost Rider to lock eyes with the victim usually at close range. The Stare causes the victim to feel all the pain they have caused others, emotionally and physically, leaving them in a catatonic state afterwards if the victim has caused enough pain. 
    The Penance Stare doesn't always work. For example, the Penance Stare will not work on those with more than two eyes, those high on drugs or the blind and has no effect on Symbiotes ,such as Venom, which instead knocked Ghost Rider unconscious while attempting it on him. 


     In Ghost Rider the  (2007) movie Johnny has the power of the Penance Stare but Dan Ketch was the first to use it in the comics.
    Ghost Rider uses it on a mugger attacking a woman leaving him stunned and his eyes glowing like hot coal. 
    Ghost Rider tries to use it on Blackheart but is immune saying that  he has " no soul to burn". This changes when Blackheart absorbs the souls of San Venganza, consisting of a thousand corrupted souls.

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