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    Pele is the goddess of fire, lightning, dance, and volcanoes.

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    Born mortal among the Celestial Ones, Pele & her sister Namaka competed to become elevated to Godhood.  Their fight intensified when Pele seduced Namaka's lover.  Eventually Namaka defeated Pele by killing her sister.   
    Pele was saved by Tame who exalted her into a Goddess.  However, still angry Namaka stole Pele's still-mortal heart.  Namaka bound the heart of Pele to the island of Kilaeua, therefore permanently bonding the Goddess with the Hawaiian island.  Pele became the Polynesian/Hawaiian goddess of fire and volcanoes. 
    After the teenaged mutant team X-Force had finished their road-trip across America, they travelled to Hawaii to kick back & relax.  While swimming in the ocean, Meltdown saw a small army of Lava Men walking across the sea bed.  No-one believed her, and they were soon distracted by the unexpected return of Warpath's former lover,  Risque.  Because of how she'd previously betrayed Warpath, RIsque struggled to convince X-Force to believe her wild claims. 
    She explained that she'd been sent on a mission by Sledge to steal the heart of Pele, but the mission went wrong & she was trying to retrieve the heart to appease the Goddess.   Vanisher had kept the heart, but was hiding on a nearby island posing as an American tourist.   Siryn disguised herself and flirted with Vanisher to seduce the Heart of Pele out of his possession.  Their ensuing adventure brought X-Force into conflict with the Lava Men who worked for Namaka, and down into the heart of the volcano as they attempted to return the Heart to Pele.   
    As Sunspot dove down into the lava, Risque began to glow and rise into the air.  It was then that Pele revealed that she had been posing as Risque all along in order to gain close contact with X-Force & persuade them to help return her heart to her sacred volcano. 
    Transforming back into her true form, Pele revealed the location of the real Risque.  She had been placed into a safe slumber on a nearby beach.  As a thanks to all the young mutants, Pele granted them a safe & uneventful stay on her island for as long as they wished.  Something they happily accepted until they finally decided to move back to mainland America & took up residence in a San Francisco warehouse.


    Pele's first appearance was a hand to hand battle against Wonder Woman. After Zeus ripped Kane Milohai's heart out after the events of Rise of the Olympian, Pele blamed Diana for her father's death.  
    After a long and fierce battle, Diana accepted her responsibility in Kane's death and vowed loyalty and friendship to the goddess of volcanoes. This action and display of humility eased Pele's anger. 

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