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Peggy Rae was a young woman whom fell in love with a man named Scott Lang. Eventually the two even got married. Although the two loved each-other very much, she could not help her husband from doing criminal activities. While Scott still performing criminal activities, Peggy became pregnant and gave birth to their child. Eventually Scott's criminal activities caused him to go to jail. Peggy divorced him not soon afterwards.


Peggy Rae was created by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank and first appeared in Avengers Vol.3 issue 62 (2003).

Major Story Arcs

Peggy and Cassie Alone

Peggy and her daughter Cassie stayed in New York City where she raised Cassie alone until Scott finally was released from jail. Although Scott had promised Peggy to change his ways and be there for their child, Peggy hesitated in giving Scott visitation privileges. The situation became even more difficult when Peggy met and fell in love with Blake Burdick, a New York Police officer.

A New Life

After the apparent death of her ex-husband, Peggy and Blake, whom had moved in with her, could not stop Cassie from following in her father's footsteps to become a superhero. This eventually led to Cassie's death at the hands of Doctor Doom, right at the moment that Scott returned from the dead. Some months later, Cassie was revived by a guilt-ridden Doctor Doom. This second chance she had with her daughter caused Peggy and Blake to move to Miami, away from the superhero grace in New York City.

In Other Media



Judy Greer as Peggy
Judy Greer as Peggy "Maggie" Rae

Peggy appears in the Ant-Man film, portrayed by Judy Greer. Her name is changed to Maggie to avoid confusion with Peggy Carter.


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