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    The creator of the WABAC Machine, who just happens to be a dog.

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    In the segment of the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, he was voiced by Bill Scott.


    As every Dog must have a boy, Sherman was Peabody's boy. These two made a perfect team. Both wore glasses, both were dangerous when it comes wit and humor (as all Jay Ward Cartoons should be...Peabody more so) and both seemed to know their history (like before, with Peabody more so). This dynamic duo makes the team we know as "Peabody and Sherman."

    Other Media

    In Gold digger, there is, or rather was, a black black Labrador named Dr. Alfred Peachbody who is quite similar to Peabody not only in the name and the obvious canine similarity, but also because Peachbody and his assistant, an adult human with in fact ridiculously strong named Benji (a version of Sherman). Peachbody claims to be from a future in which dogs are rulers over humans and the reason that he goes back in time is to make sure his future exists (such as killing the guy who was to create the dog whistle). However, being the villain, he had to be stopped. Benji was the first to die, but Peachbody was killed by one of the other villains of the series, Dreadwing.

    He is also seen in The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror V episode Time and Punishment. In this

    Fancy meeting you here...
    Fancy meeting you here...

    episode, Homer tries to fix his toaster. However, instead of making the toast extra crispy piece of bread, he makes a time machine. While traveling through limbo to the time of the dinosaurs (where he would later squash a mosquito, he meets Peabody and Sherman. Later in the episode, when Homer causes time to be changed by destroying things, Kang and Kodos' heads are changed into that of the dog and boy duo.

    A live-action movie based on Peabody's Improbable History had been planed to be released in 2001, but was canceled thanks to the low performance at the box office by Dudley Do-Right and The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle. Fortunately for us fans, more recently, the film's production has been revived by DreamWorks Animation. It is now going to be be a computer-animated film. It has been yet to be announced when it will be released or who will play the parts of Peabody or Sherman. However, (according to The Hollywood Reporter), Tiffany Ward, the daughter of the original producer of Mr Peabody & Sherman, Jay Ward, will executive produce the film. Andrew Kurtzman has been tapped to write the screenplay.


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