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    Payback was once Kevin Franklin, a member of Dakota's mayor's personal staff, who tried to save the young gangbangers at the Big Bag turf war from experimental tear gas. Once exposed to the Q-Juice, Kevin became the monstrous Bang Baby. Since he conflict with Icon and Rocket, Payback reformed and became a member of the Shadow Cabinet, and later joins the group Heroes.

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    Kevin Franklin was originally a scrawny member of Dakota's mayoral personal staff. He tried to have the order for the usage of the experimental quantum juice tear gas revoked at the Big Bang turf war, but Mayor Thomasina Jefferson over ruled him. In a desperate act to warn the kids of the gas, Kevin went down to the Big Bang himself. He would witness the horrible deaths that took place, and walked away changed by the tear gas. It is through the gas that the skinny Kevin Franklin became the powerful bang baby called Payback. He tried to take the mayor hostage in order for her to confess her involvement of using the tear gas against the street gangs, but Payback was in conflict with Dakota's premiere superhero duo Icon and Rocket. Soon later Payback was defeated by Rocket. Icon convinced Payback willingly to surrender peacefully in exchange to investigate his claim about his conspiracy theory about the mayor and the Big Bang.

    After serving time in jail, Payback was recruited to join Shadow Cabinet, where he starts a relationship with another member named Starlight. He and Starlight, along with Shadow Cabinet members Donner, Blitzen, and Iota, left the team after the leader, Dharma, went insane to form their own superhero team Heroes with Static.

    DC Comics

    After the events of Final Crisis, the Dakotaverse merged into the DC Universe by Dhrama using the powers of Rift. Payback was seen as a member of Shadow Cabinet again. Payback, in his human form, and Starlight tried to trick Batman into thinking that he was the baby-sitter to Doctor Light's children when he answered her Justice League emergency signal. They were quickly subdued.

    Powers and Abilities

    Transformation: At will, Kevin Franklin can transform into the large reptillian monster known as Payback, adding over 1300 pounds of unknown, presumably extradimensional mass to his tissue and bone marrow.

    Superhuman strength: Possesses enourmous superhuman strength though not at Donner or Icon's levels.

    Superhuman stamina

    Super-leaping: Has proven capable of jumping 100 feet.

    Claws: Extremely strong and tough claws, can tear through virtually any material known to man.


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