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    Former police officer turned vigilante, Eddie Dyson went from enemy of the Punisher to one of his allies when his family were killed by the mafia!

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    Edward "Eddie" Dyson was a rookie cop in the NYPD when he became aware that some of his fellow officers were on the mob's payroll. Not sure what to do, Dyson had an encounter with the Punisher where Castle convinced Dyson to turn in the officers to Internal Affairs. Dyson promoted to detective for his good work, the mob sought revenge and had his family killed.

    In the belief that the Punisher was to blame, he set out for revenge but Castle swore to help Dyson kill the true man responsible, Steve Venture, a member of the mob. After getting his revenge, Payback felt there wasn't a need to continue being a vigilante but he would soon return to vigilante status when he was attacked by the team VIGIL.


    Eddie Dyson aka Payback was created by Chuck Dixon and John Romita Jr for Punisher War Zone as a friend and ally on the force to future Lady Punisher Lynn Michaels. He first appeared in The Punisher War Journal Vol.1 issue 48 (1992).

    Major Story Arcs

    The War Journal

    Feared dead after bombing a building full of mob capos, the Punisher was gone and VIGIL were hunting down vigilantes everywhere. Payback was their next target but he was rescued by Lady Punisher and after finding out from fellow policemen that the Punisher was indeed alive and well in Pennsylvania, they went on the run together.

    Hunted by VIGIL and then running into mob boss Rosalie Carbone, they fought a long war of attrition where Eddie was gravely injured and couldn't help Lynn's war against these factions and their hitmen. Meeting up with Lynn's father, they fought off the Punishment Squad while being tracked down by Heathen and the Trust. Running for a train in their final escape, Heathen killed the Trust's leaders and allowed Eddie, Lynn and her father to board the train so long as they would never come back.

    They escaped to the Michaels Farm in Wisconsin where Dyson was last seen!

    Powers & Abilities

    Payback is a trained police officer, and is in peak human/physical shape. He carries around a Remington 870, and a combat knife. His costume allegedly protected him from damage.


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