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The Pax Institute was a private foundation based in Switzerland, set up to battle terrorism and offer aid to its victims. When young playboy and former war convict Christopher Smith became the chairman of Pax, he used its fundings to become the vigilante known as Peacemaker, a relentless warrior for peace.

Project Peacemaker Organization

Following the apparent death of the first Peacemaker, Pax evolved into the international and more pacifistic "Peacemaker Organization", responsible for the creation of several new Peacemakers, including Peacemaker III (Mitchell Black).The change came because the original Peacemaker violently abused Pax's good name.

Getting international funding from several governments, the Project created their own force of "Peacemakers", soldiers serving in the name of peace. Today, most democratic powers on Earth use the Project when they can't work through official channels. Based in Geneva, the Project is governed by unrevealed powers who communicate with their agents through four obelisks representing science, industry, religion, and government. One of the Project's high officials is an agent code-named "Salt", while Mitchell Black is the head of the Enforcement Division.

Multiversity: Pax Americana

In Multiversity: Pax Americana, another version of the organization appeared.

Operating in the alternate world of earth 4, the Pax Institute appeared working in a similar fashion to its original concept, as backing the development of Peacemaker but also oriented in search solution to world problems by not violent means and in the development of arts and technology. However it was implied than the main goal of the organization was to developt an army of Peacemaker agents, a kind of supersoldier which Christopher Smith was only the first. Two years later, Pax Americana was born.


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