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    The Pax Dei are the angelic armies of heaven and servants of the Presence.

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    The angels of the Pax Dei served as the armies of heaven that were led by four hosts namely the man, eagle, lion and the bull. Each of these were led by the King-Angels with all serving the Presence. The members of the angelic hosts have witnessed the events of Earth for millions of years and referred to the mortal plane as the Book. Typically, they dispatched guardian-angels to watch over pivotal figures in history and guard them from demonic possession but never manifested directly among mortals. In time, one of their number known as Zauriel had fallen in love with his charge and requested to be made mortal so he could proclaim his love to her. Prior to descending to Earth, he had witnessed a conspiracy from Asmodel, King-Angel of the Bull Host who coveted the throne of the Presence. His knowledge of the treachery led to members of the Bull Host also arriving on Earth with the intention of erasing Zauriel from the Book but were opposed by the intervention of the Justice League. Zauriel managed to disrupt their vibrational bodies though Asmodel himself arrived onboard his Chariot where he intended to kill his foes only for the Flash to disrupt the angelic bodies thus sending them back to heaven once more.

    Despite the setback, Asmodel continued to operate in secret and used a flesh-suit to attempt to destroy Zauriel. He also allied with the demon Neron and created the second war in heaven where he intended to succeed where Lucifer had failed. The loyal angels of the Pax Dei were overwhelmed and Asmodel ascended to find no figure behind the throne. Thus, he was surprised to learn that the Presence lived in all of existence which was why there was no central being. This saw Asmodel stripped of his power and sent to hell where Neron tortured him. Afterwards, during the Mageddon crisis, the Pax Dei abandoned the Book and prepared the architecture of the new universe in case the current one was destroyed by the Old God weapon. However, a plea from Zauriel saw many angels arrive on Earth to help calm the planet's panicking population. By this point, the Bull Host attempted to redeem themselves for the actions of their former leader. But heaven came under attack from Cronus and his minions who overwhelmed the Pax Dei until the intervention of Wonder Woman alongside members of the other pantheons.

    Following that point, the armies of heaven believed in widening their jurisdiction and dispatched Zauriel to retrieve the Helmet of Nabu from Okoentis. In the Final Crisis, the Pax Dei assembled where they aided in the battle against the Dark Monitor Mandrakk.


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