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Pavel is the grandson of the original Colossus, therefore possesses the same powers. He is a talented artist, preferring to do hands on work, such as mechanical work.  He has an all encompassing desire to trust his instincts over discovering the mechanics of how things are done, preferring to not hone his skill and trust in natural ability. 
Most recently he has been in battle with the  X-Men foes known as the Shockwave Riders who are part of the Neo. He is also in a somewhat tenuous relationship with the mysterious mutant referred to as  No-Name .
Citizenship: United States  
Place of Birth: Unknown 
Marital Status: In relationship with No Name 
Occupation:  Mechanic, artist and adventurer   
Height6‘4“ (human form)               7‘3“ (in armored form)   
Weight250 lbs. (human form)      500 lbs. (in armored form)    
Eyes: Blue                                              
Known Relatives Grigori Rasputin (great great great grandfather), Nikolai Rasputin (great grandfather), Alexandra Rasputina (great grandmother), Vladimir Rasputin (great grand uncle),  Mikhail Rasputin  (great uncle, deceased), Magik (great aunt), Nereel (grandmother), Colossus (grandfather),  Kid Colossus (father), Polaris (mother),  Magneto  (grandfather), Magda (grandmother), Quicksilver (uncle), Anya (aunt), Scarlet Witch (aunt),  Luna (cousin),  Speed and  Wiccan (cousins)


Like his father and grandfather before him Pavel has the ability to transform between a normal human state and an armored form. His strength and stamina are enhanced beyond superhuman levels when in this transformed state. He also also does not require food, water or air to sustain him and can withstand high impact assaults, as well as extreme temperatures anywhere from 70º above absolute zero (-390º F) to approximately 9000º F .
Despite this near-invulnerability, however, it is still possible to injure him, and if knocked unconscious, he will revert to his human form. He cannot transform individual parts of his body, he must change his entire body when activating his power. 

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