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At this early stage of the character's portrayal, not much is yet known of her background. She has presumably received some training in reporting and likely has a formal education.


Her first appearance was in Paula Peril #1 and was published by Atlantis Studios.

Character Evolution

The character is designed as somewhat of an homage to character's from an earlier era, when the role of reporter was one which invariably thrust the character into a variety of action. Regardless of this she till has a modernized appearance with a miniskirt being a prominent part of her "costume".

Major Story Arcs

The majority of her stories are somewhat serialized in that they are mostly self contained within single issues. However there are recurring enemies, such as her arch-nemesis Veronica Vilancourt, as well as a common theme for the issues (usually of a supernatural basis.)

Powers and Abilities

Paula is a regular human with no powers. She is a skilled reporter and has a knack for getting herself out of difficult situations.

Other Versions

Atlantis Studios produces a live-action web series to go along with the comic series.


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