Paul the Samurai

    Character » Paul the Samurai appears in 34 issues.

    The couragous warrior from a faraway land, who's sword must taste blood, once unsheathed!

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    Paul the Samurai is a samurai warrior, and ally of the Tick. whenever he unsheathes his sword, it has to taste blood. He rectifies this by cutting himself whenever he unsheathes it by mistake.


    He is first seen listening in on a phone call between two gangsters talking about retrieving an item called "The Thorn of Oblivion". Paul then bakes a loaf of bread to hide his sword in order to get on an airplane. He fails and chooses to sneak onto the plane. After the plane lands he gets into a fight with the ninjas who work for the gangsters. After the fight, Paul interrogates one of the ninjas as he drives about where the Thorn is. The ninja tells Paul that the Thorn was stolen by Oedipus, then the ninja spots the Tick, and he tells Paul that the Tick was with Oedipus. Paul decides to follow Tick in hopes that it will lead him to the Thorn. Paul, then arrives at the hospital where an injured Oedipus is. He meets the Tick, and tells him that he came to America to fight his arch nemesis, Sagin. The Tick, and Paul meet Arthur on the roof of the hospital, where Arthur makes sure that they have the Thorn. Sagin, then shows himself on the roof and threatens to kill Oedipus if they don't hand the Thorn of Oblivion to him. The Tick, then threatens to drop the Thorn off the roof. After what appears to be a standstill, the Tick accidentally drops the Thorn. Sagin tries to catch it but falls off the roof and dies. Everyone, then learns that the legend of the Thorn was hoax. Afterword's, Paul realizes that he can't go back to Jpan, because he can't afford a ticket, decides to stay in the city to fight crime, and thanks the Tick, and Arthur for their help.

    Paul the Samurai eventually earned his own spin-off comic series.


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