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    Paul Sizer is an American comics writer and artist. He is most famous for his creation Little White Mouse which he currently self-publishes.

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    Paul Sizer is a lifelong comics fan. His first seriously professional work was Little White Mouse which was published by Caliber Comics in 1997. He followed this with a second series in 2000, also for Caliber, before moving his work to Blue Line Pro comics in 2001. In 2006 Paul created Cafe Digital Press as a publishing wing of his existing graphic arts company Sizer Design + Illustration. Paul has since completed two graphic novels, Moped Army and BPM, both published by Cafe Digital.

    Personal Life

    Paul Sizer is a graphic artist who has worked with many corporations around the globe, designing logos, mascots and other types of corporate branding. His work in comics is a combination of his graphic arts sensibilities, and his love of comics art. His artwork is a blending of digital computer art and coloring with traditional pen on paper line work and he often draws heavily on manga inspired work.  Paul is a saxophonist and a professional DJ, which helped him tremendously with the characterizations in his most recent graphic novel BPM (Beats Per Minute). He has won several awards for his graphic novel work, and he seems to be a perennial darling in the librarian community for his high quality writing, and his all-ages accessibility. Paul is a lifelong native of Kalamazoo Michigan and is married to the absolutely stellar writer and artist Jane Irwin.

    For more information on Paul's background and what he's up to currently, check out his website at

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