Paul Ryan

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    An artist well known for his runs on Fantastic Four and the Avengers.

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    A native New Englander, Paul began his career in comics at the not so tender age of 35. His first attempt at producing a comic book story brought him to the attention of Bob Layton. Bob hired Paul on as his background man and basically showed him all the things he was doing wrong. One year later Paul was getting his own assignments at Marvel. They included inking chores on two issues of The Thing, penciling on the Squadron Supreme mini series and Graphic Novel, a Thor Graphic Novel, DP7, Quasar, the Avengers, Avengers West Coast, IronMan, Fantastic Four, Ravage 2099 and a three year stint on the Spider-Man Sunday strip. In 1996 Paul moved over to DC where he had the opportunity to work on such titles as Superman, Man of Tomorrow, Flash, Legion Science Police, Legends of the DCU:Crisis on Infinite Earths, Batman: No Man’s Land, Shadow of the Bat, Aquaman, Gotham City Secret Files, Superboy and Green Lantern. Paul was a contributing artist on Celebrating the Century Stamp Collecting book DC produced for the US Postal Service and the NASCAR/Superman custom comic. Ryan returned to his old stomping grounds to collaborate with Tom DeFalco on the Fantastic Five for Marvel in 1999. He lent his talents to such titles as Maximum Security, The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine, Pantheon (Lone Star) and Tribulation Force (from the Left Behind series). Paul contributed penciled art to several CrossGen titles including Ruse, Crux, Mystic and Solus. Paul produced finished art and covers, for five years, on  Fantomen; the Phantom comic book published by Egmont, Stockholm, Sweden. In January of 2005 Paul took on the art chores for The Phantom Daily Newspaper strip, owned and distributed by King Features Syndicate, Inc.. April 1, 2007 marked Paul’s debute on The Phantom Sunday strip. He handles the penciling, inking, lettering and digital coloring of this Classic strip.

    Paul also has the unique distinction of being the only person to have worked on both the Spider-Man wedding issue for Marvel and the Superman wedding album for DC.

    Paul enjoys hiking in the mountains, horseback riding, archery and weight training. In his younger days he studied karate and fencing. While in the National Guard he was a member of their pistol team.


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