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    Character » Paul Monroe appears in 99 issues.

    Paul is a member of the Hilltop community located on the other side of Washington 20 miles from Alexandria Safe-Zone.

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    Paul, or 'Jesus' as his "friends" have taken to calling him, was first seen on top of a roof in the final page of issue #91 spying on the Alexandria community. His whereabouts were unknown until issue #92 wherein he met with Michonne and Abraham while they were on their routine perimeter check of the Alexandria Zone. After a brief confrontation with both of them, he managed to subdue Abraham Ford an demanded to meet with their leader, Rick. When things finally settled down a bit, Paul explained to Rick the reason for his arrival.

    Much like Aaron used to do, one of Paul's tasks is to meet with new groups, establish connection, thus build a trade relationship between them. To Abraham's surprise, Paul revealed to them that there are more groups of survivors out there.

    After Rick released Dwight, he assigned Paul to follow him. Once back at Negan's base, Paul is spotted by the others. After refusing to surrender, Paul is attacked by a woman named Tara who plans to kill him. Dwight however intervenes, telling her Paul is of more use to them alive.

    It was confirmed by Robert Kirkman in the Letter hacks section of issue 113 that Paul is not related to the Monroe family in the Alexandria Safe Zone.


    Paul is a very open and trusting individual, shown when he attempted to approach the Alexandria Safe zone in even after being attacked he was willing to accept Rick Grimes' handshake, resulting in Paul's incapacitation.

    It is worth noting that Paul shares some similarities with the biblical Jesus [his nickname] in his forgiving and open nature, shown when he berates his fellow survivors for attacking Rick at the funeral of Ethan. He says: '"Until you can convince me none of you would have done the same--leave him alone.'

    This is reminiscent of Jesus' statement, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

    Hilltop blacksmith Earl Sutton suggests Paul must be very arrogant to perpetuate the nickname 'Jesus' which denotes the son of God in issue 109. Though nothing has supported the idea of him being egocentric aside from this.

    He is shown to be tactical, though sometimes letting his fury and emotions get the better of him. As when he sought to attack the Saviours upon the retreat, despite - As Ezekiel delineates - The Kingdom/Hilltop/Alexandria force still having less men and that there victory was only secured via surprise.

    It was revealed in the Letter hacks of #118 that Paul is a fan of R.L Stine's Goosebump series.

    Skills and abilities

    Little is currently known about Paul's history however he has shown himself to be a highly skilled combatant. Possibly the most skilled character to appear in the series in terms of hand to hand combat, easily defeating both Abraham Ford, armed with his assault rifle and Michonne who was armed with her Katana, whilst he himself was unarmed [The Walking Dead #92].

    It can be assumed he has formal training of a military and/or martial nature. He is one of the few characters shown to often utilise his feet to disable and kill walkers.

    He has shown himself to be a competent tracker, acting as a scout for the Hilltop zone and tracking Dwight en route to Negan's base without Dwight realising. Though it is worth noting that Dwight's fellow survivors were able to identify and catch him [The Walking Dead #104].

    He also has some skill as an escape artist, managing to escape from bondage by the Alexandria safe zone in issue 94 and stealthily escape from his constraints in the back of a car in issue 105.


    Paul was created by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard. His first appearance was in Image's The Walking Dead #91.


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