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    A British comic book writer with a wide and varied career. Recently he wrote Lantern City #1 for Archaia, an imprint of Boom! Studios, Spawn: Resurrection #1 for Image Comics and is working on the following Spawn issues since.

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    Paul Jenkins is a British comic book writer who had much success crossing over into the American comic book market. He's been primarily working for Marvel Comics and had a big part in shaping the companys characters over the past decade. Jenkins is best known for his 40 issue run on Hellblazer, his work on Peter Parker: Spider-Man, Spectacular Spider-Man and Incredible Hulk.

    Paul Jenkins was the mind behind the highly acclaimed Marvel Knights series Inhumans published by Marvel Comics. Besides the comic industry, Jenkins is the mastermind behind some video game icons such as God of War and Legacy of Kain.

    He's currently working on Spawn, starting with the debut of the new direction Spawn is planned to take, which has been introduced with Spawn: Resurrection #1.

    Jenkins earned an English degree in the United Kingdom and gained his first writing experience while studying for it.


    Paul Jenkins started working with Mirage Studios in 1988 after moving to the US as editor/production manager, editing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman.

    After leaving Mirage, Jenkins followed Eastman to Tundra, once again working as editor.

    Tiring from his editor-duties, Jenkins was writing for several other publishers for short periods of time, ending up at DC Comics imprint Vertigo in 1994. There he got to write Hellblazer for four years, gaining the attention of the American comic industry in the process.

    In 1998 Jenkins started to work for Marvel Comics, writing six issues of Werewolf By Night, finishing his story with two issues in the title Strange Tales.

    Afterwards he launched the Marvel Knights series Inhumans with artist Jae Lee. This title lasted for 12 issues and earned Jenkins an Eisner Award.

    The next stop in his writing career was creating The Sentry and publishing the characters first mini-series for Marvel Knights in 2000, continuing his collaboration with artist Jae Lee. They came up with the idea of a marketing hoax, pretending the Sentry was a "forgotten" hero created by Stan Lee even before the Fantastic Four. Later the Sentry has been reintroduced by writer Brian Michael Bendis in New Avengers, featuring Paul Jenkins as a character appearing in these books.

    In March 2000 Jenkins started being the regular writer for Incredible Hulk. His run lasted until November 2001. During this, he examined Bruce Banner and his multiple Hulk personas focusing on the psychological aspect of him like he did in much of his earlier work. Coincidentally Jenkins became the regular writer for Peter Parker: Spider-Man until its end in August 2003, continuing to write Spider-Man in the title Spectacular Spider-Man for three years.

    In 2001 Jenkins worked on the title Origin, depicting Wolverines childhood and early life, which became one of the biggest successes of Marvel for that year. Later Jenkins wrote the non-canon story Wolverine: The End.

    In the further course of his career, Jenkins worked on several titles of Marvel, Top Cow and Dark Horse Comics, writing The Darkness (Top Cow), the Mythos one-shot series (Marvel), Revelations (Dark Horse) and Sentry (Marvel).

    In 2006 Jenkins wrote Sidekick, his own independent comic, which was published by Image Comics and took over the writing on Son of Hulk in 2009 starting with issue #13, published by Marvel.

    In 2011 Jenkins returned to DC Comics in the course of the universe reshaping event The New 52, writing Deadman, Stormwatch and Batman: The Dark Knight.

    In 2013 Paul Jenkins left DC Comics to work for Boom! Studios launching Deathmatch, Fairy Quest and bringing Revelations from Dark Horse to Boom!. He currently works in cross-media development and design with his company, META Studios.



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