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    Character » Paul Gambi appears in 30 issues.

    Paul Gambi is a backstreet tailor in Central City who caters to super villains.

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    Presumably born in Central City and brought up alongside his brother Peter. He was skilled at sewing, tailoring and a clothing designer, and at some point in his life he opened his own tailor shop.


    Paul Gambi was created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino. He made his first appearance in The Flash #141.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Flash

    Gambi is hired by various costumed criminals, particularly the Rogues, to create and maintain their uniforms. When he was uncovered by the Flash during the hero's investigation into the Top, Gambi teams up with the Top to try to capture the Flash. After the Top was defeated, Gambi was imprisoned for some time, leaving his shop in the hands of his assistant. Upon his release from prison he vows to go straight, and gives the Flash a suit. The suit was tampered with by Mirror Master, causing the Flash to unintentionally commit crimes. After the resolution of this case, Gambi quietly returns to creating costumes for criminals.

    The Suit

    Obsessed with creating the perfect super villain costume, Gambi constructs the Suit, which later becomes animate and begins committing crimes on its own.

    Rogues' Revenge

    During the Final Crisis, Gambi is sought out and attacked by the New Rogues, who have been sent by Libra to send a message to the Rogues. He is beaten and left nearly dead in his own shop.

    Powers and Abilities

    Paul Gambi has no superhuman powers or abilities. He is a gifted tailor and clothing designer.


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