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Paul D'urberville was born with a pair of hands on his chest, a secret which his family would go to any lengths to conceal. They did this as they desired to keep their standing in social circles, being as wealthy as they were. Paul at one-point also became familiar with Bruce Wayne, becoming a friend of his.


D'urberville was created by Matt Wagner for the acclaimed Batman: Faces.

Major Story Arcs

Batman: Faces

After inheriting an island off the coast of French Guinea, D'urberville hires Nelson Wren (A real-estate agent) to help sell his island to Bruce Wayne. It was quickly agreed that Wayne would buy the island for $30million, but Two-Face anonymously enters his own bid (After gaining Wren's trust), making D'urberville consider selling it to him. However, this causes Wayne to up his bid and making Paul sell the island to him instead.

In retaliation, Two-Face breaks into D'urberville's town apartment. Dent threatens to expose his secret unless D'urberville sells the island to him for $1, something which he is forced to agree to. Paul is later kidnapped by Two-Face and placed in a cell with Nelson Wren, who he confesses his secret to.


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