Patty Spivot

    Character » Patty Spivot appears in 142 issues.

    Barry Allen's girlfriend and assistant when he worked for the police department.

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    Patty Spivot was a forensic blood analyst in the Central City Police Department Crime Lab. She worked as assistant to Barry Allen. She quit her job when it was thought Barry Allen was dead and moved to Blue Haven, Nevada.

    Major Story Arcs

    Road to Flashpoint

    For More Information see: Flashpoint

    Patty returns to Keystone City to see her mother when she got the message from Barry Allen that he misses her and hopes that she'd come back to the Central City Crime Lab. She finds Barry working later and after a brief awkward hug, Patty tells Barry she can't work the fast paced murder ridding Central City beat anymore but when David Singh calls with news of another murder victim, Patty tags along with Barry.

    At the crime scene they find a body that has been rapidly aged to death, and a small boy who witnessed it all. The boy is in a catatonic stated but seem to respond to Patty. She agrees to take care of the boy until they can figure out whats going on. While Barry is out, Patty studies the murder evidence but is interrupted by the boy, who transforms into Professor Zoom.

    Luckily before Zoom can erase Patty, Barry, Bart Allen and Hot Pursuit show up and rescue Patty. After dealing with Zoom Barry talks to Patty. She tells him that she's always had feelings for Barry but is happy he found someone else to open up to. She hugs him again, but this time it is broken up by Iris West Allen. Patty is left standing awkwardly at the the doorway as Barry and Iris leave for dinner.


    For more information see: Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost

    During Flashpoint she finds herself in the year 3011 captured by Brainiac and placed in a pod where she experiences a virtual reality environment in which she is kept reliving a traumatic experience from her childhood in which she drowned. Brainiac had taken her and Bart Allen, claiming they were "time anomalies". She escapes the pod with Bart Allen and eventually finds the speed force power cell for her speed force motorcycle, only to be impaled by Brainiac. In her last moments, she gives Bart the speed force contained in the cell saying it was up to Bart to stop this future from happening. After the events of Flashpoint, Patty now has the Speed Force powered motorcycle and identity of Hot Pursuit.

    The New 52

    Patty Spivot works for the Central City Police Department as head of Blood Analysis. After two years of working alongside Barry Allen, he finally asks her out on a date. The two begin dating until Barry's apparent death and disappearance into a worm hole. Patty mourns for Barry and continues to blame the Flash for his supposed death.

    During Gorilla Warfare story arc Patty finds out that Barry is The Flash. Later they continue on with their relationships and move in together.


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