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    Patsy Walker had long idolized super heroes and after given the chance of a lifetime became 'Hellcat'. She is one of Marvel's oldest characters, dating back to her 'romantic' comic books in the 1940s. She has served on several incarnations of the Defenders and the Avengers.

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    Patsy as a teenage girl
    Patsy as a teenage girl

    Patsy was born in a dull little town called "Centerville". There she grew up with long-time friend and sometimes arch-rival Hedy Wolfe. In her teenage years, she started dating Robert "Buzz" Baxter, whom she already knew from childhood on. When Patsy was old enough, she and Hedy rented their own place and the two lived together for some years. Not without trouble, however. Hedy was a good friend, but could become overly jealous of the attention Patsy had from boys, most notably the boy she was dating, longtime friend Buzz. This was because Hedy also had bit of a crush on Buzz.

    At the same time Patsy's mother, Dorothy Walker, began to write fictionalized romantic adventures of her daughter as a teenager. Upon Patsy's request, she asked her mother to base characters on Robert Baxter and Hedy. This meant that within the Marvel Universe there were actual "Patsy Walker" comic-books alongside other story-within-story comics such as "Millie the Model". In later issues, it is implied that most of the adventures Patsy, Hedy, and Buzz had were fictionalized stories her mother wrote. This does not necessarily mean that these stories never happened in normal continuity, but it would make them second-hand retellings that would have been 'romanticized' a bit, if not outright fiction by Dorothy Walker.

    Happier Times
    Happier Times

    Eventually Patsy married Buzz and so Hedy and Patsy stopped living together, although the two girls remained close friends over the years. Married life was not as good as Patsy had hoped. Buzz had joined the US Air Force and served a number of tours overseas. Disturbed by some certain incidents he experienced in Vietnam, Buzz became tense and irritable and the young couple's dream of a happy married life seemed to vaporize before their eyes.

    During this time, Buzz was promoted to captain and was sent to the Brand Company where he would supervise the security surrounding certain projects. Baxter was vexed by the presence of the mutant X-Man Beast on the premises, unaware that he was the newly-hired genetics researcher Hank McCoy.

    When Patsy helped Hank McCoy and learned of his alter-ego, she promised to keep his secret safe as long as he promised to help her become a "super heroine". Soon after the Beast left the Brand Company, Patsy divorced her husband and went looking for the Beast. She found him working as an Avenger and reminded him of his promise. Beast, wanting to keep her promise, allowed her accompany him on an Avengers mission which was relevant to her.

    Patsy as an Avenger
    Patsy as an Avenger

    She and the Avengers went to investigate the illegal activities of a private army quartered in a Brand Corporation-owned building--the same company her ex-husband worked for. It was there that Patsy found one of Greer Nelson's (the hero known as Tigra) old costumes from when she was known as The Cat. Patsy donned the costume and took the name 'Hellcat'. Inside the building, she traveled with the Avengers to the Squadron Supreme's dimension. Upon their return, the Avengers were captured by Brand operatives. Hellcat managed to escape and threatened her ex-husband with her claws if he would not release the Avengers. Patsy raked Baxter's face to prove that she was serious, so he complied and released the Avengers. Baxter vowed vengeance after he was humiliated by his ex-wife. After this mission Patsy was offered a membership but she was persuaded by Moondragon to train in psychic ability and advanced barefoot martial arts on the moon Titan. The training gave her minor psionic potential. Once returning to Earth, she assists Doctor Strange in a battle and before long joined his superhero team known as the Defenders.


    Patsy Walker was created in 1944 by Ruth Atkinson and first appeared in Miss America Magazine #2. Since this version of the character is a meta-character and fictional within the Marvel Universe, her creation in the mainstream Marvel Universe may be dated to her appearance in Fantastic Four Annual #3 (1965).

    Major Story Arcs

    The Defenders

    Patsy and Daimon
    Patsy and Daimon

    Soon after joining the Defenders, Patsy found herself in the midst of superhero battles and adventures. Although she had a striking and fearful name, Patsy remained true to herself and often joked during battles. She had a great relationship with many of her teammates, often being the 'heart and soul' of the Defenders. Patsy was one of the few people whom could calm down their occasional team-member Hulk. During her superhero career, Patsy remained close friends with Hedy. Patsy had even trusted Hedy with her secret identity.

    While with the Defenders, Patsy met a new teammate named Daimon Hellstrom. The two became close friends and fought in many battles together. Although Daimon called himself "the Son of Satan", Patsy saw something gentle and noble in Daimon. Their relationship soon blossomed and eventually the two started a relationship. After some time, the two got married and retired from being superheroes, occasionally helping out their former Defenders teammates. During this time, Patsy lost most contact with her Defenders teammates, accept for Gargoyle. Even her contact with Hedy faded away during this time. Patsy however finally seemed to have her long and happily ever after with Daimon.

    Marriage, Death and Resurrection

    Eventually, Daimon's dark soul reasserted itself and Patsy learned that Daimon was in fact the Son of Satan. This discovery and the fact that Daimon turned more evil over time drove Patsy mad. A villain of Daimon's named Deathurge used this opportunity and compelled Patsy Walker to commit suicide. Unhinged and half possessed by Deathurge, Patsy killed herself. Patsy's soul was then trapped in Mephisto's realm, in a place called the Arena of Tainted Souls, fighting for the rest of eternity alongside ex-Avenger Mockingbird. During this time she further developed her psionic powers. Patsy, Mockingbird, and other heroes were later resurrected by Grim Reaper and were tainted with hatred towards the Avengers. Once Patsy and the other heroes broke free of Grim Reaper's control they went back to Mephisto's Realm. When the Thunderbolts, under the leadership of Hawkeye, went to save Mockingbird from Hell, they were tricked by Hellstorm into saving his ex-wife Patsy instead.

    The Hellcat mini-series

    Patsy Walker as Hellcat
    Patsy Walker as Hellcat

    After Patsy was brought back from the dead she returned to Centerville and her good friend Hedy in order to get in touch with herself again. Patsy and Hedy spoke of times past, how they were the best of friends and how Patsy's mother had written stories about the two of them. It turned out that most of the stories where Hedy had been a jerk towards Patsy where actually the stories that her mother had come up with. The two of them laughed but suddenly Patsy started to cry, traumatized by her death and resurrection. Hedy remained at her side for as long as she needed.

    Patsy had to fight as Hellcat sooner then she had hoped, however, when she had to fight off a demonic foe threatening Hedy and Patsy's hometown. Patsy and Hedy defeated the demon, with Patsy coming out of it stronger then when she came to Centerville. Patsy then left for the big city, but the two girls promised to stay in touch.

    Civil War/The Initiative

    During the Civil War event, Patsy confronts the supervillain Ruby Thursday. Ruby attempts to escape in her car, with Patsy riding on the bumper. She-Hulk breaks up the fight and shows Patsy the result of the fight, namely destruction and traumatized citizens. Patsy willingly registers under the Superhuman Registration Act. Ruby herself is captured by the Two-Gun Kid. Patsy is later seen as one of the instructors at Camp Hammond. She is seen among the group fighting the MVP clone, K.I.A. Patsy ignored Nighthawk's offer to join the New Defenders, but it is known that she will be acting as an official superhero in Alaska.

    Fear Itself: The Deep and Fearless Defenders

    Attuma has become one of the Worthy and is transformed into Nerkkod, Breaker of Oceans, after he comes into possession of one of the mystic hammers. Nerkkod destroys New Atlantis with his army and Namor is forced to retreat. Namor would eventually liberate the occupied city of New Atlantis with the help of Silver Surfer, Loa, Dr. Strange, and Lyra the Savage She-Hulk. Nerkkod would bolster his army and prepare to conquer the oceans but is confronted by Namor and company. Dr. Strange would conjure up a spell and call upon the Defenders from the past and present--including Hellcat--for reinforcements. Nerkkod is forced to retreat and his army is defeated.

    Hellcat briefly joined Misty Knight's all-woman superhero team, but stayed only briefly. She is now back to working solo.

    With She-Hulk's Lawfirm

    Some time later, Patsy joined her friend Jennifer Walters, better known as She-Hulk on several adventures and missions. She-Hulk offered Patsy a job as an investigator, given Patsy's exceptional skills. Patsy accepted and now works for the Law Office of Jennifer Walters. During her time with Jennifer, Patsy helped with the "Blue File" case, which involved a lawsuit that was being brought against several heroes, including She-Hulk, Tigra, Nightwatch, Spectrum, Shocker, and Wyatt Wingfoot. Later on, She-Hulk agreed to represent an aged Captain America in court after he was brought up on charges of wrongful death. Patsy, Jen, Angie Huang, and Cap flew on one of Tony Stark's private jets to San Francisco for the case. While Jennifer defended him in court - against Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil) - Patsy donned her Hellcat stealth suit and infiltrated a top secret government facility to retrieve a file proving Captain America's innocence. Rogers did not want or allow Jennifer to show the file in court because of the sensitive information it contained (it revealed that there were Nazis operating in secret in America back during World War II) but he did ask her to use it to help her make his case. And she did. Captain America won, and later revealed that had asked Matt to defend the opponents in court and to give it everything he had. Rogers didn't want to win on a technicality. He thanked Patsy for her help, even though at first she didn't recognize him (because he was so old all of a sudden). Patsy, Jen, Angie, and Steve flew back to New York, where Patsy continued to work as an investigator for her friend.

    Patsy Walker Temp Agency

    When She-Hulk hits hard time and can no longer afford to pay Patsy as an investigator, Patsy looks for a day job while also trying to start up her new business idea. Patsy want's to open a temp agency for the recently empowered so that new superhumans can find some kind of hero work.

    At the same time, her mother's old comics make a comeback thanks to her high school rival, Hedy, buying the rights and republishing. With She-Hulk's help, Patsy was able to prove Hedy had a void contract since she bought the rights off an infirm Dorothy Walker.

    Relationship with Tony Stark

    Hellcat and Iron Man patrolling
    Hellcat and Iron Man patrolling

    Patsy would cross paths with Tony Stark after he sold off his ownership stake in Stark Unlimited and start using an outdated armor to fight crime in New York City. They start teaming up and eventually develop romantic feelings for each other. This puts Patsy in the crosshairs of Korvac, who is targeting Stark. In on confrontation, she was electrocuted causing a lighting bolt like scar on her face.

    When Korvac raced into space with a team of Iron Man villains to steal the power cosmic from Galactus' abandoned spaceship, Patsy recruited some heroes to come with them. In a bid to slow them down, Korvac used his powers to increase Hellcat's latent psionic powers. Luckily, Hellcat was visited by Moondragon on the astral plane, who helped her stabilize her new powers. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to stop Korvac.

    In order to stop Korvac, Stark stole the power cosmic for himself. Patsy didn't like how the power cosmic was changing Tony, so back on Earth, she kept the "Space Friends" together to try to talk some sense into Tony. It wasn't easy, but he eventually saw the errors of his way, and Patsy gave him a ride to rehab.

    Three months later, Patsy picked Tony up. He wasted no time proposing marriage. But after marrying the Son of Satan and dying, she did not take the proposal lightly. She gave it a lot of thought but eventually turned him down.

    The Demon Gate

    Patsy saw a chance to strike out on her own when her mother's estate attorney finally got a hold of her and informed Patsy of the San Francisco home she inherited. She soon finds out the house is haunted, by both her mom and her ex, Hellstorm, who has possessed a childhood toy of hers. He was trying to convince her to return to Hell with him to help him fight in a war for control against Blackheart and Mephisto. Patsy wanted nothing to do with him.

    Demonic Hellcat
    Demonic Hellcat

    Instead, she partnered with Sleepwalker to take on a number of dream related crimes. They hit a snag when they were both considered prime suspects in the death of Spalding Gratham, the man Patsy was fighting over with her frenemy, Hedy. Patsy by the San Fran police and Sleepwalker by the dream police. Together, they eventually learn from Hellstorm that Spalding was working for Blackheart creating a mystical doorway, however, Hellstorm was lying. The doorway was for himself. It would transform anyone who passes through it into their true form. Hellstorm hoped to turn Hellcat back into his demon lover.

    When he forced her through it, Patsy passed through monstrous and feral. Patsy believed this confirmed that she was a killer deep down and most likely killed Spaulding. Sleepwalker attempted to confront them and rescue her, but the power of the doorway caused Sleepwalker's human host, Rick Sheridan, to see the truth: Spaulding was gifted a sixth sense thanks to working with Hellstorm and was driven mad upon seeing Hellstorm's demonic influence over her. He killed himself using Sleepwalker's imaginator.

    This enraged Patsy even more, still believing she was to blame. She lashed out at Hellstorm, blasting his far away using new hellfire abilities. However, Rick was able to convince her to pass through the gate one more time, believing she is more than one thing, especially without Hellstorm's manipulation. Passing through it caused Patsy to return to her normal physical form. Unfortunately, she was nearly catatonic, repeating the phrase, "Good, Bad, who's to say?" over and over. Rick and Patsy's other superhero friends made sure she was comfortable in a psychiatric hospital.



    As a result of her experiences in hell and her resurrection, Patsy has a "demon sight" perception that allows her to sense mystical phenomena or those items or persons tinged with mystical energy. She is also surrounded by a mystical field that can deflect mystical attacks. It also allows Patsy to summon a costume that mimics her original Hellcat costume, and it appears in a fashion according to her whim.

    Hellcat once possessed enhanced psionic abilities, due to the mental stimulation of Moondragon’s Titanian technology and training. She could move small objects telekinetically, resist mental control, and on one occasion was able to generate a psychokinetic force-blast. Moondragon has since used her own advanced psionic powers to undo the effects of her psychic augmenter. Since then, Walker’s psychic abilities have returned but to a far lesser degree than at their peak. She no longer has any psychokinetic ability, but she is still sensitive to certain psychic phenomena. Her costume also gives her enhanced strength and agility. Her gloves on her costume have steel tipped claws.


    Known Relatives: Joshua (father), Dorothy (mother, deceased), Bea (step-mother), Robert Baxter (Mad-Dog, ex-husband), Daimon Hellstrom (Hellstorm, ex-husband)

    Citizenship: American

    Place of Birth: Centerville, California

    Marital Status: Single (divorced)

    Occupation: Housemaker, model, adventurer, paranormal investigator



    Gender: Female

    Height: 5'11"

    Weight: 145 lbs

    Eyes: Blue

    Hair: Red

    Alternate Realities

    Ultimate Hellcat

    Earth-1610 Ultimate
    Earth-1610 Ultimate

    In Ultimate Marvel continuity, Patsy Walker has several small but notable appearances. In Ultimate Spider-Man, she first appears as a spokeswoman for a security firm (#11), then as a swimsuit model for Maxim magazine (#14), a talk show hostess, presenting a biography on Doctor Strange (#70), and finally interviewing Norman Osborn (#113). Patsy has taken her "Hellcat" identity in Ultimates and was a founding member of the ill-fated Defenders. Additionally, the Ultimate incarnation of Kitty Pryde has (within the pages of Ultimate Spider-Man) constructed a costume visually similar to the 616 Hellcat's, differing in color and mask design only; Pryde's X-Men codename is "Shadowcat".

    After the Ultimatum, Patsy has received powers from Loki, she now is furred feline with heightened senses and agility; she has also taken up a code-name "Hellcat". Still part of the Defenders their first job was to steal Mjolnir from their ex-member Valkyrie, who now runs with Ultimates. They manged that and gave the Mjolnir to Loki. Afterwards they just hung out at Patsy's place and played some cards until Ultimates took attacked them and presumably arrested them.



    On Counter-Earth, Hellcat was named more after her appearance, she was furry and had a devil tail, along with a long forked tongue. She was member of the Avengers, but doubting her skills. When Loki made her an offer to take over Scarlet Witch's body, thus having again a beautiful human look, she accepted. However Agatha Harkness saw how she took over the body, but was easily rectified when she was turned into a cat. After while Agatha was freed from the Loki's curse, she then cast Hellcat from Scarlet Witch's body and into a mirror, which then shattered and killed Hellcat.

    Earth-57780 (Spidey Super Stories)

    On Earth-57780, Patsy Walker also found Tigra's old costume and wears it, but she kept her code-name "The Cat". She stopped Thanos getting his hands on the Cosmic Cube. Later she assisted Spider-Man in capturing the Looter.

    Other Media


    Marvel's Jessica Jones

    Trish Walker in Marvel's Jessica Jones
    Trish Walker in Marvel's Jessica Jones

    In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Patricia "Trish" Walker (portrayed by Rachael Taylor) is presented as a childhood friend of Jessica's. Flashbacks show us that Trish is a former child actress, whose abusive mother adopted a newly orphaned Jessica in order to get free publicity. Although their relationship has a rocky start, they eventually become closer after Jessica uses her powers to force Dorothy to leave them alone. Unlike Jessica, Trish is excited that her friend has developed superpowers, and constantly encourages her to take up superheroics, to the point that she even creates her a costume.

    Currently, Trish is a radio talk show host and has her own show, "Trish Talk". During the series she serves as Jessica's confidant and assists her in her search after Kilgrave. Unfortunately, her actions cause her to be targeted by him, and he brainwashes a police officer, Will Simpson, to kill her. Luckily, his plan is foiled by Jessica. The attack leaves her in shock, to the point where she almost shoots Will when he comes back to apologize for his actions while he was under Kilgrave's control. Luckily, she does not, and they begin a romantic relationship. Their relationship comes under strain, however, when their conflicting methods about how to deal with Kilgrave causes him to start sabotaging Jessica's actions, and deteriorate even further when Kilgrave attempts to blow him up. An injured Will, in desperation, contacts his old spec-ops unit in order to procure special pills that help him heal. The pills have an unfortunate side effect of causing him to become violent and irrational, to the point where he locks up Trish and tries to murder Jessica. Trish manages to escape, and after consuming some of Simpson's pills, helps an injured Jessica knock him out (an attempt that nearly costs Trish her life).

    Trish recovers and assists Jessica with capturing Kilgrave by acting as a decoy to surprise him. Despite a few setbacks, their plan succeeds, and they manage to stop Kilgrave once and for all.

    Marvel's Luke Cage

    Rachel Taylor reprises her role in the episode "Suckas Need Bodyguards. She is heard in the radio expressing her support for Luke Cage and questioning others on their opinions about him.

    Marvel´s The Defenders

    Rachel Taylor reprises her role as a supporting cast in the serie.


    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Hellcat is featured in several cards in the mobile game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her cards are:

    • [Tainted Soul] Hellcat
    • [Child of Destiny] Hellcat
    • [Defender] Hellcat
    • [Holding the Fort] Hellcat

    Marvel: Avengers Alliance

    Marvel Avengers Alliance
    Marvel Avengers Alliance

    Hellcat is a playable character in the game, she can be recruited by reaching the Adamantium League in the PVP Tournament: Season 28 for free. Some time after that she can be purchased by regular command points.

    Her bio in the game says: Exploited childhood star, Patsy Walker, was inspired to become a Super Hero from a young age. She befriended both Beast and Moondragon who helped train Patsy in various martial arts and developed her latent psionic abilities. After which, she donned Tigra's old costume, and became known as Hellcat. While a member of the Defenders, she met Daimon Hellstrom. The two of them fell in love and were married until Patsy was killed by one of Daimon's adversaries, Deathurge. Her soul was trapped in Mephisto's realm, but she was saved and brought back to life by Hellstrom and Hawkeye's team of Thunderbolts. Patsy and Daimon separated soon afterwards, and Patsy traveled the world helping other heroes, eventually settling to work with her friend, She-Hulk, as a private investigator.

    Lego Marvel's Avengers

    Hellcat is a playable character in the game.

    Marvel Avengers Academy

    Hellcat is a playable character, released as part of the "Daredevil" Event. Her recruitment quest is "Heck Yeah!". She is voiced by Charlotte Ann.

    Marvel Future Fight

    Hellcat in Marvel Future Fight
    Hellcat in Marvel Future Fight

    Hellcat is a playable character, she is a speed type.

    Her bio in the game says: Inspired by the Super Heroes of comic books, Patsy Walker sought out her own Super Hero identity, after the bitter end of her first marriage. Patsy dubbed herself "Hellcat" and utilized her natural athletic ability to become the Super Hero she envisioned. As Hellcat, Patsy trained on Titan and honed her psionic abilities and martial arts skills. Upon her return to Earth she became a member of the Super Hero team, the Defenders.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Hellcat was featured in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Bowen Designs released a Hellcat statue and bust.
    • Hellcat was featured in The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection from Eaglemoss Publications.
    • Hasbro released a Hellcat figure as part of the Marvel Legends Thanos Build-a-Figure wave.

    Popular Recognition

    Patsy Walker (specifically from her Golden Age romance comics era) ranked 95th in Comics Buyer's Guide's 100 Sexiest Women in Comics list.


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