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Patsy Dragonsworth was a young disturbed girl whom lived on her family estate with her insane mother. She was accused of whitchcraft by the townspeople that lived nearby and they undertook numerous attempts to either kill or 'eat' her.


Patsty Dragonsworth was created by Steve Gerber and Gene Colan and first appeared in Howard the Duck Volume 1 issue 6 (1976). Patsy appeared in only two issues and her storyline came to an abrupt ending in which it was not made clear whether she survived or not. Whether creator Steve Gerber had plans to use her again in his series will most likely never be revealed.

Major Story Arcs

A Special Girl

Patsy's insane mother had had enough of the villagers after Patsy's grandmother was apparently stoned to death by them. Her mother had decided that they would leave the estate as soon as they had found someone that would look after it. Patsy meanwhile kept on working on her strange project. She told everybody that she was 'baking cookies', but her 'bakery' looked more like a scene from the Frankenstein movies.

Meeting Howard the Duck and Beverly

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It was one week later in the evening that Patsy opened the door to Beverly Switzler who was looking for shelter. Beverly was mistakinly seen as the new governess of the mansion by Patsy. Both spend the night in the house, but in the morning during breakfast, Patsy thought that Beverly would not be a good governess since her breakfast was not to Patsy's liking. It was then that Patsy's mother informed her that the villaigers that tried to kill or 'eat' her where back. With the help of her real estate agent and Howard the Duck, the villaigers fled once more. Patsy then asked everybody to join her into her 'bakery', where she would show what she had been making. It was a huge Gingerbread Man. With a Frankenstein-like switch and electricity, Patsy brought the Gingerbread Man to live. Out of control, it was Howard the Duck that took a bite out of the huge Gingerbread Man to stop him. It stumbeled to the ground and onto the machinery. An explosion followed from which Howard and Beverly walked away from. Patsy was however believed to have died. Whether this is true remains to be seen.


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