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    Patrick Blaine broke into comics in 1994 with Image comic's "ShadowHawk" #13. He went on to draw issue #15 of that series then drew a spinoff called "The Others". He worked for many other companies in the 90's including Antarctic Press ("Warrior Nun Black and White") and Avatar Press ("Threshold"). He drew nine issues of "Prophecy of the Soul Sorcerer" for Arcane comics, before moving to Los Angeles to join Top Cow studios in 2000.

    Since then he has drawn "Star Wars: Empire" #13 for Dark Horse, "The Darkness Level 4" for Top Cow, and "Tales of the Sinestro Corps starring Cyborg Superman" for DC. When not drawing comics, he works primarily in advertising creating box and packaging art for next generation video games like "God of War 2" and "Motorstorm", as well as Movie promotional key art. He has also worked in theatrical movie animation, and toy design.
    Patrick Blaine is now working for Fantasy Prone in association with Devil's Due Publishing, as the penciler for "United Free Worlds" (issues 2-present). When asked what it was like working with the writer and creator of this comic, Blake Leibel, he responded entusiastically saying "these guys are really unique because they give me the time I need to give them something epic", and went on to say that everyone who was working on this project were looking forward to seeing this developed into a video game. (Interview taken during San Diego Comic Con 2009) As of that date the current issue was issue #5 "When Worlds Collide."


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