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    Patricia was living down the street from Hershel's family with her boyfriend Otis. Hershel, realizing that his farm was a safer place from zombies, invited the two to stay with his family in hopes that they could ride out the zombie plague.


    Written by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Charlie Adlard.

    Major Story Arcs

    On the farm, Patricia has to mourn with the Greene family over the tragic deaths of Arnold, Lacey, and Shawn. When Rick's group gets kicked off the farm Patricia stays and helps to maintain the property. Zombies begin attacking more frequently until Rick comes back to inform Hershel and family that a prison has been found with ample supplies. Patricia goes to the prison and leaves Otis behind to care for the cattle. Hershel figures the two are having relationship issues. Patricia confirms this with a private conversation she has with Thomas when she explains that she and Otis have broken up.

    Odd Decisions

    When Thomas tries to cut off Andrea's head the group realize that it was he who killed Susie and Rachel Greene. Patricia can't believe how a nice man could do such horrible things. She is abhorred when she sees Rick beat the crap out of Thomas, nearly killing. Once Thomas is put in a cell to await hanging, she tries to help him escape. She thinks his sentence is unfair since she feels he is crazy and not evil. Once out of his cell, Thomas turns on Patricia and tries to strangle her. She gets away by scratching his face. Maggie shows up and shoots Thomas six times to kill him.

    The group throws Thomas' body to the zombies outside the gates and then gets met by Dexter and Andrew, two inmates bent on kicking Rick's group out of the prison. The extent of her aid is unknown, but Patricia admits to having helped the two on the condition that no one dies. The coup is interrupted, however, by zombies from a building that Dexter and Andrew inadvertently let out and the group goes into survival mode. Rick shoots Dexter in the fracas and Tyreese upbraids Andrew and Patricia when all is said and done. Andrew flees the jail while Patricia stays. Otis confronts her when he comes back to the prison and explains that he is fine being broken up, especially after the stupid things she's done while he's been away.

    Laying Low

    Time goes by and Patricia helps in the garden. She shies away from the group for the most part. Otis comes around one day to see Patricia reading Moby Dick. With so little people around, Otis figures the two should at least be friends. Patricia agrees, though very cautiously. Just then, Dale drives his RV out of the prison to pick up Tyreese who had been looking for Rick, Glenn, and Michonne. The RV gets stuck coming back in and Patricia sends Otis to help with the gates while she helps people inside. Otis dies. Patricia keeps a low profile again until Rick gets back with his small group from Woodbury.

    With some time to relax, Patricia stays a recluse, feeling she's the pariah of the group. She learns of Glenn and Maggie's wedding but doesn't get an invitation. Billy finally convinces her to go since invitations can't be made and the assumption is that everyone is going to show up. The wedding seems to wake Patricia up and she goes back outside and is surprised the garden is doing so well. She even makes it out to a basketball game and cheers on the girl team.

    In anticipation of an attack from Woodbury and the need for a quick escape, Patricia joins the group in packing up a truck with supplies. She even joins in on target practice. After Carol's suicide-by-zombie, Patricia lends a hand in watching the kids. Then Woodbury attacks.

    Patricia is inside with kids when the attack begins. Woodbury soon retreats and the group assesses their injuries. Rick is the worst off with a gun shot to the stomach and needs a blood transfusion. Patricia has blood type O-negative and is more than willing to help. Axel has also been shot. Patricia helps him keep his mind off his arm by having sex with him. Alice walks in on the two.

    A bit later, a Woodbury truck returns. The Governor emerges and shows that he has captured Tyreese. When the group refuses to abandon the prison, the Governor chops off Tyreese's head. Patricia watches in horror. Once the Governor departs, Axel comforts Patricia in the cafeteria. Woodbury returns and begins another assault. On the grounds, Axel is shot in the head and dies in Patricia's arms. When things intensify Billy tries to get Patricia to safety. It's too late. Patricia gets a bullet to the head.


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