Patricia Trayce

    Character » Patricia Trayce appears in 53 issues.

    Former Gotham Detective Pat Trayce quit the GCPD out of frustration with the justice system and became Vigilante in an effort to punish the man who killed her partner.

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    • This page is for the third Vigilante.
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    Patricia Trayce worked for the Gotham City Police Department, as did her husband Paul. Her husband died, but she has said that the death wasn't as hard on her as her partner's death. Finally, she could no longer stomach what she perceived to be a revolving door justice system. The cops would arrest the crooks and they would be out on the streets very quickly. She was also angry over her partner Luis's murder, who was killed by Jeremy Barker, who was going to get federal immunity for testimony. After the death of her partner she took care of his son Luis Jr, or LJ, as his mother Marie was already dead.

    Major Story Arcs

    City of Assassins

    After getting infromation from a man called Scoops, he gave her the Vigilante's costume and Patricia became the newest Vigilante. She was being set up for attempting to kidnap and murder Jeremy Barker. As the new Vigilante she proved it was an FBI agent working with the GCPD who was actually the inside man who was trying to kill Barker.

    The Loneliest Number

    She trained with Slade Wilson and the two were also lovers. They work together to stop drug activity in Gotham. However, one of the people involved in the drug trafficking is Luis Jr. When they bust the drug traffickers Luis almost shoots Pat, before she pulls off her mask and he recognizes her. But, as she is wanted by the police she is unable to stay with Luis, leaving him in the care of his aunt, and departs.

    She intends to go on working with Slade, but Deathstroke informed her that he is a loner and the two go their separate ways.

    Love and Death

    Pat targets a cop-killer, dubbed Bloody Mary by the press, but is thwarted by Slade. In the end, Mary is revealed to have hired Slade because she was pregnant, and did not want her baby born in jail. Pat adopts Mary's daughter.


    As Vigilante, Trayce used the following gear:

    • HK91 Assault Rifle
    • Colt Python Revolver
    • Colt 1911A1 Automatic
    • M67 Grenades

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