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In her human form
In her human form

Robertson was a lieutenant in the US Army, stationed at a remote outpost in northern Canada called Christmastown, just above the Arctic Circle. On a routine errand to a nearby laboratory, she found that something had massacred everyone. The lab's mission had been to study a piece of the original Venom that regenerated, but the new Venom escaped. Robertson unwittingly led it back to Christmastown, where it massacred everyone but Robertson. An alien called The Suit dragged Robertson along to pursue the clone to a town named Voici, where it massacred everyone but Robertson. The Suit gave Robertson a cybernetic collar to control the new Venom, and with no one else to use as a host, it used Robertson.

Robertson, as She-Venom, went to New York to meet the original Venom, after learning that the new symbiote's purpose was to wipe out the human race. Their first meeting ended inconclusively. After the Fantastic Four seized her to lure Venom into a trap, Spider-Man foiled the trap. Venom reabsorbed She-Venom and escaped. Robertson's current condition, whereabouts, and activities are unknown



In Canada, thirty miles north of the Arctic Circle, United States Army communications specialist Patricia Robertson leads a sled dog team to a research outpost owned by the Ararat Corporation. When she asks to be let in the response is someone asking for help. She reluctantly enters and inside finds the whole staff slaughtered by an unknown assailant and can still hear someone inside, calling for help. As she continues through the base, she finds more bodies and when she enters the kitchen, and while composing herself after finding more bodies, hears someone in the cooler, she opens it to find a research scientist named Perry. He is scared out of his mind and faints, Robertson brings Perry back to her base, called Christmastown, and he is treated for hypothermia while Robertson explains to Colonel Malone about the research outpost. The next day Robertson wakes up and can only find her fellow officer Jackson eating breakfast and Perry, huddled under a table. As they eat, Malone walks up and angrily dismisses tem for no apparent reason, Jackson and Robertson go back to check on the dogs when they hear a scream coming from inside the base. They run in and Jackson literally runs into Perry, knocking him out, Perry is freaking out and muttering about the thing that massacred the research outpost and as Patricia tries to calm him down she gets interrupted by what appears to be the Venom Symbiote. Right before the Symbiote attacks, it is stopped by The Suit, who is wielding some sort of energy gun, The Suit tells her to run away but she refuses to leave her comrades behind. As the Suit gets ready for another attack, the Symbiote reveals that it is using Colonel Malone as a host and he begs Robertson to not let the Suit kill him. Robertson is stunned by this and doesn’t react. Jackson wakes up to see the Suit pointing an energy weapon and shoots him; the bullets pass through, revealing him to be made of energy. During this distraction, the Symbiote is able to escape and another soldier, Delacroix, shows up, when the Suit tries to kill Delacroix, claiming that he could be a host Jackson shoots him in the head while Robertson silently watches the whole thing. The scientist, Perry, finally recovers and runs off in fear; Jackson tells Delacroix to go after him and when he leaves Jackson and Robertson start to try to track down the remaining soldier, Saunders, before they move out Robertson tries to disarm the Suit, the Suit suddenly wakes up and discharges an electrical blast that knocks out Robertson and Jackson, who he then ties up and puts them in a closet.

When Patricia wakes up she finds herself tied up in the closet with Jackson and stars to struggle before Jackson stops her by telling her that she is making the ropes tighter. Some time passes and when Jackson is unresponsive she freaks out, he tells her he is awake and then tells her the rest of the team is dead. When she asks how he knows that, the Symbiote comes out of his body. She asks the Symbiote who he is and he says he doesn’t know before changing the subject. He tells her to run and he will give her a head start, she runs a few paces before it uses a tendril to trip her. Right before it eats Robertson; Delacroix shows up and gets ready to shoot the Symbiote. The Symbiote reveals Jackson as the host body and tells Delacroix to relax and he does. The Symbiote then slams him against the wall and lets Robertson go, telling her to run while it kills Delacroix. Patricia runs and finds a gun lying on the floor picks it up and continues through the base. She finds a door with black ooze coming out of it and assumes the Symbiote is inside; she kicks open the door and sees the dead bodies of Malone, Jackson, and Sanders hung up in black webbing. The Symbiote sneaks up behind her and scares her and she shoots it in the chest with an under barrel grenade launcher but the grenade fails to detonate on impact and falls back out. The Symbiote grabs it, Patricia runs, and the grenade explodes, when the smoke clears, the Symbiote is gone and Delacroix dies. Patricia runs off and finds Perry holed up inside a closet and he tells her that all outbound communication is being jammed. Perry falls into despair but Patricia puts a gun up to his head and forces him to tell her how he knows so much and he tells. They try to devise an escape plan and decide to take a truck and burn the others so they can strand the Symbiote but they are rocked by an explosion. They run outside to investigate and find that all of the trucks have been blown up; Patricia comes up with another idea but claims it is suicide when Perry reminds her that they are dead anyway. The Suit shows up and tells them he was the one who blew up the trucks. As Patricia and the Suit converse, Perry tries to get her to kill the Suit but she doesn’t. The Suit then reveals that Perry is the new host and the Symbiote attacks and absorbs the Suit before attacking Patricia. She fends it off for a short time before it disappears. She realizes it went after the dogs and finds their cage broken open, the Suit shows up again, recovered from its attack and knocks Patricia out with an electric blast.


Patricia wakes up and is being carried by the Suit, seventy miles south of the radar station. He gives her a can of tuna and tells her to eat but she refuses and wants to contact her superiors but the Suit refuses as the situation must be contained. She starts to argue but he knocks her out again before continuing on. Patricia wakes up in the woods near Voici in the Northwest Territories, Canada and sees a woman stumbling through the woods. She tells the woman to get on the ground but she gets shot at. She prepares to attack the woman with a branch but the woman is not there. A gun is placed to her head and it is revealed to be Frankie, who is retreating from her fight with Wolverine and the Symbiote. When the Suit interferes with the fight between Wolverine and the Symbiote, it distracts Frankie and Patricia is able to disarm her but the gun is empty so she runs away. Frankie captures her and ties her up before picking up Vic and wants to interrogate her to find a leak in their organization. When Frankie and Vic drop a nuke on the small town in an attempt to kill the Symbiote, the shockwave jostles the ship so much that it breaks the chains around Patricia’s wrists and she grabs a wrench before sitting down and acting like she is unconscious to fool her captors. The waits by the door of the ship and when it opens she attacks the first person in, which is the Suit. He tells her to wait in the ship so he can fix the problem that was her surviving the nuclear bomb. Patricia finds herself groggy and sitting in the ship with the Suit and has a bad headache. She takes her hood off and sees she has had her head shaved and wearing a collar that has tubes attached to the back of her skull.

She freaks out and demands answers from the Suit. He claims that it will prevent the Symbiote from taking over her body and mind in the event it uses her as a host and she will be able to control it. Then the Symbiote, using Wolverine as a host, attacks and disables the Suit by cutting him in half. Patricia and the Symbiote fight but she is quickly overwhelmed but she is saved by the timely intervention of another team of Frankie and Vic. While the Symbiote is distracted, Patricia puts on a spare radiation/combat suit and grabs some grenades but the Suit, lying in pieces on the floor, stops her, telling her to get his phone. She grabs it and the Symbiote attacks again, she presses the buttons the Suit tells her and it activates a bomb in Wolverine’s chest that obliterates the Symbiote. Patricia walks away carrying Suit who is missing his arms and the rest of his body from the waist down and tells her that he will remove the device that prevents the Symbiote from controlling her but she says no before turning into the Symbiote and walking away saying the device is the only way to control it. Eighteen days later, Patricia is in Buffalo, New York and calls her high school boyfriend, Jack Mitchell, and tells him to tell her mother that she is okay before hanging up.


On a roof top in Manhattan, Patricia meets the Suit and she appears to be in control of the Symbiote, demonstrating wall crawling and super strength, and the Suit discusses the plan. Several hours later S.H.E.L.I.D. tries to preform simultaneous raids on Eddie Brock and Patricia, Nick Fury captures Eddie and encounters Patricia and ambushes her but before she is captured, another team of Frankie and Vic take out the support helicopter and cause part of the building that Fury was standing on to collapse but he is saved by Spider-Man and Patricia is blown into the alley. Spider-Man, believing it to be Eddie, tries to talk him down but is ambushed by the real Eddie. When the Eddie and Patricia meet they both dismiss Spider-Man and start fighting while they are fighting, the control collar that Patricia is wearing is remotely deactivated and she escapes when Nick Fury intervenes with an RPG. Patricia flees into an adjoining alley where she tries to remain in control but is attacked by Spider-Man and she is able to hold him off while begging him to go away and stating she will kill it, referring to the Symbiote, but Spider-Man thinks she is talking about killing Eddie. He starts to tell her not to but is attacked from behind by Eddie and the fight between the two Symbiotes resumes. The wind up in the sewers and Eddie tries to absorb Patricia’s Symbiote but is interrupted by the Suit.

Patricia and the Suit talk about the Symbiote, which is a modified clone of the original symbiote, Venom, and its purpose and who and what the Suit really is; all the while Patricia is slowly transforming into the Symbiote but through sheer willpower is keeps reverting to human form. When the Suit tells Patricia that the purpose of this particular Symbiote clone is to eradicate all life on the planet and then die, she loses control and starts to attack. But before the starts one of the Frankie’s from Canada arrives and wants to make a deal, she will help fix the control device if they help her kill Bob, the man who created the Symbiote Clone and Frankie; he is also a member of the same species as the Suit. Despite Patricia’s protests, the Suit agrees and reactivates the collar as the Symbiote is about to attack and when it reactivates Patricia falls asleep from the sheer exhaustion of holding the Symbiote back.

When Patricia wakes up she is in a force field bubble and in the custody of the Fantastic Four and transferred to a containment cell when Eddie Brock attacks. Patricia is rescued by the Suit who claims that she would have never been released and she flies off to fight Eddie at the Baxter Building. They start to fight and she says she is going to kill Eddie because the Symbiote’s are evil but Bob remotely deactivates the control collar and the Symbiote’s merge and return to Eddie who escapes through a hole in the wall, leaving Spider-Man, the Thing and the Invisible Woman wondering what to do and Patricia’s fate unknown.


As a symbiote, She-Venom had the powers of Venom. Robertson herself has no super powers.

Robertson has training in military communications systems.

She has had some training in the U.S. Army and is a communications specialist in her sixth year of service. She does have a large amount of will power as she is able to keep the Symbiote Clone from dominating her mind and body when the control collar is turned off, but it is physically exhausting. She is the host of the Venom Symbiote’s Clone and has similar powers including super strength and wall crawling and using tentacles made of the Symbiote. She is also a good fighter as she was able to toe to toe with Eddie Brock for a short amount of time even though he has years of experience with the original Venom. The Symbiote Clone had other powers as well such as memory absorption through skin on skin contact; it is unknown is Patricia could do this as well since she was never given the opportunity to do so.


Patricia was implanted with the same control collar that Frankie and Vic wore. It allowed her to be a host for the Symbiote Clone but not be possessed by it. It also kept the Symbiote Clone form consuming her while she was the host.

Patricia also donned a radiation proof combat suit that Frankie and Vic had so she could survive in Voici after the atomic bombing.


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