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Patricia Briggs has been adapting two of her popular fantasy series's: Mercy Thompson and Alpha and Omega.

Mercy Thompson

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An original-to-graphic-novel format Mercy Thomspon story.

Tells how Mercy came to the Tri-Cities, got her job with Zee and her first encounters with Stefan the vampire and the local Columbia Basin Pack and its' alpha, Adam Hauptman.

Mercy Thompson, shape-shifter, coyote, walker. How can she survive in a world with predators so much larger, stronger and meaner than she is.

Mercy Thompson: Moon Called

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Published by Danite Entertainment in 8 individual issues and collected in two soft-cover trades, this series follow Mercedes Thompson, Volkswagon mechanic and coyote shape-shifter as she encounters a wild lost werewolf, kills a feral moonstruck werewolf, saves the local Alpha and helps the Columbia Basin Pack locate their lost child who has been kidnapped by some very bad people.

Cry Wolf (Alpha and Omega Book One)

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Now that Anna has escaped her abusive pack in Chicago she is moving with Charles Cornick to Montana... As an Omega werewolf, Anna stands outside pack hierarchy but she's been told she's a submissive wolf and been beaten into that mindset, but without the constant mistreatment she starts to come out of her shell. Can she overcome her 3 years of constant cruelty and Charles' 200 plus years of self-imposed isolation to save all the werewolves in North America from a mad witch?

Published by Dynamite in 8 issues and collected by Putnam in two hardback graphic collections, this series adapts the first novel from the Alpha and Omega spin-off series written by Patricia Briggs.

Also by Patricia Briggs

Other books in the Mercedes Thompson series which may be adapted are

  • Blood Bound
  • Iron Kissed
  • Bone Crossed
  • Silver Borne
  • River Marked
  • Frost Burned
  • Night Broken (due in 2014)
    • Moon Called, Blood Bound and Iron Kissed were collected by the Science Fiction Book Cub as Preying for Mercy
  • a short story about David Christensen "Star of David" appeared in Wolfsbane & Mistletoe
  • a short story about Warren as a P.I., "In Red, With Pearls" appeard in Down These Strange Streets
  • a related short story with no series characters "Fairy Gifts" appeared in Naked City
  • a related short story with no seris characters "Gray" appeared in Home Improvement: Undead Edition

Other books in the Olpha & Omega spin-off series are

  • Alpha & Omega (the novella that started this tale)
  • Cry Wolf
  • Hunting Ground (book 2)
  • Fair Game (book 3)
    • the novella and all three novels were collected by the Science Fiction Book Club as Call of the Hunt
  • a short story about how Moira the witch and Tom the werewolf (Hunting Ground) met appeared in Strange Brew

The Raven duology : Raven's Shadow and Raven's Strike

The Hurog duology: Dragon Bones and Dragon Blood

stand-alone: The Hob's Bargain

The Sianim sequence: Seal the Dragon and When Demons Walk with Wolfsbane and Masques

  • Wolfsbane and Masques was collected in Shifter's olf by Ace and as Masques and Wolfsbane by the Science Fiction Book Club

There are also a handful of short stories that don't fit in any of her worlds. So far.


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