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He was a demon who lived in the Hyborian age of Conan and Kulan Gath. he served the fallen god tolometh and was instrumental in reassembling the gods amulet/eye. He came into conflict wit Conan and his friends all were slain except Conan himself. it was Shimata however who despite being killed pointed conan to the scabbard which ended his life.
In modern times eh came into conflict with Ghost rider

Skills and Abilities

A gifted one handed swordsman able to spar with even Conan the barbarian.
He is also a master strategist and tactician.


Magical sword completely invulnerable by conventional weapons. He also wears a golden head piece which can produce strong strobe lights to temporarily blind opponents.


The scabbard of the sword is able to parry the sword itself and pierce his invulnerable flesh


Being a demonic being he has greater strength and endurance than peak human athletes. His body is completely invulnerable against all weapons bladed or otherwise. He also has magical powers and knows spells, one such spell was to turn people to stone once a human touched them. He also had a psionic connection with fallen god tolometh and later a living manifestation of that connection on one of his arms.

Physical Characteristics

 Height: 6'8
Weight: undisclosed
Eye color: Yellow with no visible iris
Hair color:Bluish Black strands of hair

Distinguishing features

he has blood red skin and a puppet looking completely independent demon on one of his arms.

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