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    One of the mutant Dean twins, Laura tried to learn how to use her dimension crossing abilities as a member of Canada's Beta Flight Team, alongside her sister, Goblyn.

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    Young autistic Laura
    Young autistic Laura

    When Laura and her twin sister were born, their parents were under extreme mutaphobia as American citizens and decided to kill Laura’s twin sister, Goblyn, under the belief that she was a mutant. Laura protected her sister by opening dimensional portals and sent her to the realm that would later be called Liveworld. Laura would soon grow up to be an autistic girl that was isolated from society and in hope for her autism to be cured, her parents sent her to the New Life Clinic, which was unknowingly run by a mentally unstable villain called Scramble.

    Laura under extreme prejudice and fear within the New Life Clinic soon escape but was caught by another villain called Bedlam and was forced to join the villainous team Derangers. During her first fight with the superhero team Alpha Flight, she swapped places with her sister who she ad called her Goblyn. After the battle with Alpha Flight, Laura and Goblyn pledged their allegiance to Alpha Flight and became members of their secondary team Beta Flight under the belief that the two were the same person.

     Through the looking glass
    Through the looking glass

    Alpha Flight son found out that the sisters were two different people when the team went to Liveworld and encountered a being known as Dream Queen. When the team returned, and Alpha disbanded, Laura and Goblyn went to live with the Persuasion. The sisters rejoined Beta Flight and were given a task by Talisman to find NorthStar. During the time when one of the members, Wildchild lost her sanity, the sisters were mortally wounded and Laura sent Goblyn to Liveworld for her protection but Goblyn returned to help Laura and Beta Flight.


    Pathway was created Bill Mantlo and Terry Shoemaker in 1987 and first appeared in Alpha Flight # 48.


     Open say's me!
    Open say's me!

    Laura has gained a very powerful ability due to her mutant genes, as Pathway she can psionically open and close portals of her creating into other dimensions. These portals allow her to pass instantly into apparently any dimension she has desired, at times having several opening and closing at various times and places. Though tactical training she has learned how to resourcefully use this ability in offensive capacities, being able to open portals above, under, or beside her opponents she can cast them into any destination she wishes and in an instant they're there. She become the "Exit" in most of her missions, being able to instantly leave a dire situation. As far as distance can be understood when opening or closing one of her portals by her powers they don't seem to have any, being able to open portals on our world or into other cross dimensional planes.


    Known Relatives: (Father), (Mother), Goblyn (twin sister)

    Place of Birth: Canada

    Base of Operations: formerly Canada, currently unknown

    Universe: Earth-619

    Citizenship: Canadian Citizen

    Occupation: Former Student, Former Adventurer

    Education: High school


    Gender: Female

    Weight: 119 lbs

    Height: 5'6"

    Hair: Brown

    Eyes: Hazel

    Alternate Realities

     Pathway from alternate Earth-901237
    Pathway from alternate Earth-901237

    Earth-901237: One of many dimensionally alternate realities Earth-901237, which was visited by the space and time traveling Exiles at one time, is home to the team of Alpha Flight. On this world the team is much larger than its Earth-616 counterpart with many pass and present members from Earth-616 role-call and also unique ones to this reality. The primary group that meets the Exiles on their arrival is led by Earth-901237 Wolverine, who leads Shaman, Puck, Sasquatch, Northstar, and Pathway from the same world. Pathway is shown floating above Wolverine on his right side with a suit very similar to Guardian/Vindicator's cybernetic battlesuit, however stylized differently. It is not known if she utilizes only her innate teleporting abilities or has incorporated one of these battlesuits into the field.


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