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Pauper's Graves with rain

Now that our brave group has gathered more information on the responsible for making the goblins act the way they were acting, it's time to track and bring them down. My complaints about last issue (the lack of development of the characters and at some point the bad dialogues) really vanished in this issue that, though not having as many battle and action scenes as the previous one, is full of interesting moments, especially the ones in which Jim Zub took the time to develop the characters and use their abilities to full potential. An awesome thing about a good narrative is how the writer explores his characters and Jim Zub really knows his bunch very well. The way he makes his warrior say the stupid things, the wizard to make amazing magic spell, the paladin (Kyra) with her fierce and strong devotion, the elf thief using all her experience and witt, the woman sorceress playing safe and the dwarf (Harsk) as an excellent guide, though with a bad temper. And this group must find a balance, a harmony to exit victorious from this dangerous quest and it seems that Jim Zub is putting them in this thread of getting to know each other better as the story evolves. The dialogues in this issue were a substancial increase in quality from last issue, especially when it comes to Merisiel and their prisioner. Andrew Huerta is beyond doubt a new artist that I shall follow in this title and his next endeavors, it's always nice to find new artists that you relate too, I'm really digging his style that, combined with Ross Campbells' beautiful and well placed colors, really gives life to this world of adventure. Like I said before, this issue didn't show much battle, but there're a good 5 page battle with some ghould that are really creepy and exciting. This issue was more focused on the group trying to find the villains' lair and it really felt like a RPG adventure, growing and evolving, the pace is very good!

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