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For the second Patchwork Man click Elliot Taylor.

Patchwork Man I--Gregori Arcane

Height: 6ft 8in

Weight: 330lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Grayish Black

The original Patchwork Man, a pitiful monstrosity, once answered to the name Gregori Arcane. A businessman in the Balkan mountain region of Eastern Europe, Gregori raised his daughter Abigail best he could, but became the target of neighbors who considered him an unfit father. One day they took away Abigail, and Gregori wandered into a minefield whilst searching for her. Anton, Gregori's mad-scientist brother, collected all the pieces of his brothers blown up body and sewed them back together. With a healthy dose of sorcery animating his broken carcass, Gregori lurched into a new life as Patchwork man. Years spent imprisoned in Anton's dungeon ended when the Swamp Thing inadvertently freed the Patchwork Man, and sought out his daughter Abigail, now an adult living in the American South. Several encounters with Abby and Swamp Thing followed, but Patchworkman's body ultimately decomposed to an incorporable state and he is believed to have perished.

Patchwork Man II--Elliot "Lucky" Taylor

Height: 9ft

Weight: 560lbs

Eyes: Black

Hair: None

The modern-day inheritor of the name Patchwork Man is Elliot "Lucky" Taylor, a reconstituted warrior who received his stitched-together body courtesy of U.S. government's top-secret project M after stepping on a mine, the government made this decision against Elliot's will. With his teammates in the new Creature Commandos--including Wolfpack (Warren Griffith), Medusa, Sgt. Vincent Velcro, Gunner, and Captain Hunter--Patchwork Man served as the designated "Heavy Hitter" during a struggle against the inter dimensional warlord Lord Saturna, ruler of the realm of Terra Arcana. The Patchwork Man, lugging a heavy machine gun with multiple ammo belts slung across his beefy shoulders, helped the Creature Commandos prevent a full-scale invasion of the armies of Terra Arcana, thanks in part to unexpected aid from Claw the Unconquered. In the end, Lord Saturna perished and the leaderless citizens of Terra Arcana were left to chart their own destiny.


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