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In Greek Mythology, she is the immortal daughter of the Titan Helios and Perseis. She was raised a princess and given her hand in marriage to King Minos, of Crete. When Minos asked Poseidon to give him any creature from the sea to sacrifice in his glory, Poseidon sent a magnificent bull, and Minos found it would be waste to sacrifice such beautiful animal, so he ordered to be sacrificed other bull in it stead. But angry at him for not sacrificing the bull, Poseidon made the animal savage, and contrived that Pasiphae should conceive a passion for it. In her love for the bull she found an accomplice in Daedalus, an architect, who had been banished from Athens for murder. He constructed a wooden cow on wheels, took it, hollowed it out in the inside, sewed it up in the hide of a cow which he had skinned, and set it in the meadow in which the bull used to graze. Then he introduced Pasiphae into it; and the bull came and coupled with it, as if it were a real cow. And she gave birth to hybrid, who was called the Minotaur. He had the face of a bull, but the rest of him was human; and Minos, in compliance with certain oracles, shut him up and guarded him in the Labyrinth.

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