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Parmanu, is an Indian superhero created by Manoj Gupta and Sanjay Gupta in 1991. His secret identity is Inspector Vinay, an officer in the Delhi Police Department. His special suit enables Parmanu with various atomic based powers. He can fire atomic rays from his wrist and chest and his belt contains various gadgets. Parmanu`s other powers include size-manipulation, teleportation, ability to transform into atoms and flying. Parmanu is one of the most popular superheroes in Raj Comics universe and is published in both Hindi and English.


In his teenage years as a high school student, Vinay witnessed some criminals murdering his classmate. The horrible experience made him take an oath to avenge his friend`s death. Vinay found the murder weapon, a revolver which the killer desperately wanted to recover to save himself from the law. Eventually the killer, later revealed to be the Chief of Police, tried to terminate Vinay, his maternal Uncle, Professor KK, rescued him and kept him in the protection of his lab. His uncle revealed a secret to Vinay that he had created a suit that enhances the strength and stamina and contains superpowers. Vinay wore the specially created suit and became Wonderman Parmanu. A monster named Bufalo, attacked the lab and a long fight ensued between Parmanu and Bufalo. Eventually Parmanu killed the monster and avenged the death of his friend by killing the murderer. But in this process, Vinay`s entire family was eradicated by the villain and other criminals.

Only his brother Vijay and his uncle Prof KK survived the ordeal and ended up being the vital support of Parmanu. Some of his friends and allies include Professor Kamal Kumar Verma, Pralayanka (Mamta Pathak), Shipra, Inspector Dhanush, Sheena, Probot and Hawaldaar Baan. Some of Parmanu`s major enemies are Vriksha, Itihaas, Buddhi Palat, Gunaakar, Madam Cold, Typhoon, Ghonga, Ratan Daga, Cactus, Nashketu, Aakaa, Fandebaaz, ZeroG, Holika, Hyena, Angaar, Neem Hakim, Programmer and Principal.

Powers and abilities of Parmanu

The special costume of Parmanu provides various super powers like flying, shrinking, teleportation etc. Atomic rays come out of his wrist gadgets and chest. Moreover the gadget on his wrist reels out atomic rope. His belt is full of advanced gadgets that help him to atomize, shrink and teleport. Probot, a robot that uses surveillance cameras to monitor every part of the city provides back up to Parmanu


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