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    A defense tech company founded by Otto Octavius whilst inhabiting Peter Parker's body.

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    A world-wide interested company that sells aerospace, defense, security, and advanced technologies. Primarily located in Manhattan, New York City. There are currently 47 buildings around the world, employing thousands of workers. The President and CEO of Parker Industries is run by the scientist Peter Parker, who is secretly known as Spiderman.


    Being fired from Horizon Labs, Otto Octavius (who was at that time inhabiting Peter's body) resolved into constructing his own company. After the defeat of the Goblin Nation, Otto returned the control of Peter's body to Peter. Peter later on took on the company into his own hands, and publicized that he will not be "working with Spiderman" anymore. Peter started focusing on goals to capturing Electro, to curing and depowering him.

    While Peter and his employees went searching for Electro, they traveled to his last known location. When arriving, they noticed the whole place was on fire. Peter changed into Spiderman and saved everyone in the building with the help of the fireman Ollie Ollivera. In the meantime, Black Cat was at the scenario and stole one of their devices, in which Electro was located in. Black Cat persuaded Electro into helping her get Spiderman. Later on in the story, Electro was cured successfully when he was trapped well.

    When he was released from prison, Clayton Cole briefly was in the services of Dr. Minerva during her fight with Spider-Man. When Ms. Marvel was seen carrying an Inhuman baby that she has rescued from Doctor Minerva, Clayton turned against Doctor Minerva and helped Kamala Khan. Upon being recognized by Spider-Man, Clayton was offered a job at Parker Industries which he accepted.

    Many months ahead, Parker Industries was ideally noticed profitably. It earned amassed global popularity, with numerous base operations around the world. It became one of the biggest main producers for the public such as Stark Industries. The Parker Industries was notably noticed for its Webware; a wrist device which allows individuals who own it to have affordable internet access with clear reception and unlimited data anywhere on Earth. The company became as well a tech supplier for S.H.I.E.L.D.


    • New York Headquarters
      • Brooklyn Division
      • Parker Industries, Philadelphia Branch
      • San Francisco Division
    • London Headquarters -
    • Shanghai Headquarters
    • Horizon University


    In The Amazing Spider-Man #31, Spider-Man had a fight with Doctor Octopus. Doc Ock wanted to steal all of the resources and data of the company, so Peter had no choice, he ordered his workers to destroy everything that belongs to the company, so Doc Ock won't be able to use it. The workers did so willingly, the destroyed the computers, burned files and got rid of everything, in that day Parker Industries seized to exist.


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