Paris Hilton

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    American socialite, celebutante and future heiress, known for her various media appearances and business ventures.

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    Born to a wealthy businessman and a socialite, Hilton is a scion of the wealthy Hilton family, and stands to inherit a fair amount of money. The eldest of four children, she was raised in a variety of opulent homes among other wealthy children, notably Nicole Richie. She began modelling at a young age. She had a troubled educational experience, and dropped out of high school while still a junior, later earning a GED. 

    Character Evolution

    Hilton got her first professional work as a model at the age of 19. During her early years in the public eye she also appeared in a number of advertisements, and debuted on the small screen in an episode of Da Ali G Show. She made her first notable film appearance, a cameo role, in the film Zoolander. In 2003 she and friend Nicole Richie became the subjects of the reality television series The Simple Life, which ostensibly derived entertainment from placing the women in situations for which they were ill-equipped, mainly involving menial labour. This role was the first to broaden her recognizability in the public sphere, and was followed in 2004 by a critically panned but popularly loved autobiography. In 2004 she started Heiress Records, a sub-label of Warner Brothers Records, as well as launching her first lines of clothing, jewelry, perfume and purses. In 2005 she received her first major film role, appearing as one of the main group of protagonists in the horror remake House of Wax. She received a Teen Choice Award for this role, as well as a Razzie Award. She performed in some direct-to-video films in 2006. Also in 2006 she released her first album, self-titled, through Heiress Records to mixed reviews. She was arrested for driving under the influence for the first time in 2006. This was followed by similar legal troubles throughout 2007, and into 2010, including arrests for drug possession. The Simple Life was cancelled in 2007, the same year that Hilton spent time in jail due to parole violation related to previous driving charges. Another clothing line was also released in this year, along with involvement in footwear and hair extensions. She made her next major theatrical appearance in 2008, in the horror-rock opera Repo! The Genetic Opera, playing the vain, surgery-obsessed daughter of a wealthy businessman. Also in 2008 she appeared on the television show My Name is Earl, as well as debuting her new reality program, Paris Hilton's My New BFF. She also appeared in two satirical political internet videos in the run-up to the 2008 American presidential elections. In 2009 two spin-offs of her new show, set in the UK and the UAE, debuted. She also appeared on the television series Supernatural, portraying a demon. In 2010 she had her first voice acting role in Christmas television movie. She also debuted a new reality program, The World According to Paris, which followed her in her daily life, as was cancelled after its first season. 2012 marked renewed rumours about her upcoming album. She has also made a commitment to appear in the film Devil's Carnival

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