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Eva Huntington or Pariah as she like to call herself is from a wealthy and very powerful family of magicians. Her parent allowed her to have her room as her personal space, but made it clear to her that she can not use magic in the house. Eva grow bored and started to observe other realms like the Black Land through time. Upon seeing Lady Death she became fascinated with her, kidnapped her from the past and thrust her through varying death-defying scenario for her amusement.



While having fun watch Lady Death, Pariah is called by her mother for dinner where her parents almost decided to enroll her into a private school. Pariah returned in time to prevent from being sacrificed and put her in another scenario where the cold awaken her in Pariah room only to be put to sleep again.

After being thrust into another another scenario Lady Death realized that she could awaken herself by burning her hand which worked. Wasting no time to attack her kidnapper only to fail and be put to sleep again. However, Lady Death effort paid off as Eva parent enter the room despite despite Eva attempt to block them. Disappointed with their daughter, her father awaken Lady Death and allowed her to punish Eva before returning her to her time. Pariah promise to return, but do not know what she will do and leave it to another time due to the pain she feel from the spanking she received.

However, despite being punished Eva continued to watch Lady Death through her adventures. After Lady Death finally returned from the realm of death, she went to her castle where she found Pariah and a group of spirits. Pariah revealed that she grown quite a bit and her supernatural studies and her powers has advanced to the point of being able to travel through time and realms and now she does not answer to anyone anymore even her parents. After Lady Death used the power of the void and sent the spirits to the realm of death she collapsed was surprised to see Pariah worried about her. Pariah revealed to Lady death that she is not the monster she probably think of her to be and after hearing what happened to her in the realm of death she explained that Lady Death has become the embodiment of death. Before leaving Pariah revealed that she actually liked it when Lady Death gave her a spanking in front of her parent. and gave Lady Death a kiss.


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