Character » Paragon appears in 12 issues.

    The leader of the Republic of Tomorrow, an Anti-Gotham group, that goes at odds with Nightwing.

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    Major Story Arcs

    The Republic of Tomorrow, Today

    Though it is unknown what motivated Paragon, He at some point started the Republic of Tomorrow with the intention of changing Gotham due to his hatred against Vigilantes. Particularly Batman and later Nightwing. He recruit members for his cause, such as the Strayhorn Brothers. One day, as Nightwing fights Saiko and gains the upperhand in their first, he launches a rocket at a car, forcing Nightwing to deal with the passengers while Saiko escapes. He was among the passengers inside the car. However, after that event, the Strayhorn Brothers began rethinking their membership at the Republic of Tomorrow. Paragon see's them as traitors and murders them both, using a Escrima Stick he picked up when Nightwing rescued him and frames Nightwing.

    Later on, Nightwing finds their headquarters at the Gotham Clock Tower, seeing him train his followers. He then spots Nightwing and has his men battle him. Though they're outmatched and when Nightwing used his sonic gadgetry, he used his electric whips to send a portion of the Gotham Clock Tower down upon innocent bystanders. Nightwing saves them but him and his group escape. His followers began rethinking, not expecting Nightwing to be so tough and began talking about quiting. Paragon then kills them and uses Detective Nile, a detective investigating Nightwing's murder case due to one of his lovers dying at the hands of Saiko and blames Nightwing for it, as bait to lure Nightwing.

    He engages Nightwing, seemingly gaining the upperhand due to the enviroment working against Nightwing. He then reveals his involvement in Nightwing being framed and what he did to his followers. However, he's still defeated and arrested.

    Powers And Abilities

    Paragon posses no superpowers. However, he's a skilled combatant with his electric whips. He was able to gain the upperhand during his battle with Nightwing due to the fact of tight spacing.


    Electric Whips: These electrics whips are strong enough to destroy brick, and cut through the body of a human being, and also cut through Nightwing's suit and making his body numb. They're very similar to Nightwing's Escrima Sticks.


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