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    Originally a South American warrior, Maya was abducted by Niles Van Roekel and made into the ultimate weapon.

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    A long time ago, deep in the jungles of South America, there was a warrior named Maya. Although it was unknown to her at the time, Maya was an extremely unique individual. Her physical abilities and reflexes were at the very peak of human-level. Maya's strength, stamina, and durability made her superior. She lived a primitive life with a tribe and a daughter who she loved.

    However, all of that changed upon the arrival of Dr. Niles Van Roekel. As he and his forces came to earth, Maya was abducted and her life was taken away from her. Roekel took Maya, the absolutely perfect human specimen, and turned her into a fighting machine.

    Using alien technology, Roekel transformed Maya into the ultimate killing machine. Cybernetic devices were implanted into her physiology. Robotic parts were attached to her body. Finally, a neural inhibitor was placed on her neck. This device was the final blow which stripped Maya of all her humanity. It made her fully subjected to the will of Roekel. No longer was she Maya, but Paragon.

    After a series of tests, Paragon proved to be the ultimate fighting machine - truly a force to be reckoned with. Then, Roekel's plan was put into action. Immediately, he began to produce clones of Paragon on a mass level. His objective was to create an unstoppable army.

    Eventually, Paragon became so advanced that she overrid the neural inhibitor. Still retaining all of her memories in addition to the new memories which she had gained, Paragon set out to undo the damage that was done. She fought her way to freedom. Furthermore, she destroyed all of the clones which were created.

    In the end, Paragon's journey of vengeance led her back to none other than Dr. Niles Van Roekel. In an epic battle the two fought. In one final blow, Paragon struck down her enemy. Just as Roekel died, he revealed to Paragon his true agenda for creating her. His world had been taken over by a hostile race. Therefore, he embarked on a quest to create the perfect soldier. After doing so, he would take his new army back to his homeworld and take back what was his.

    All that was left was Paragon...

    Powers and Abilities

    Paragon is the most perfect of all the Imperfects. She is a blend of technology and genius of Niles Van Roekel. She is able to absorb the lifeforce out of a enemy with her blades giving her more health. She can teleport while flying in the air at accelerated speeds. Paragon can use her blades to strike the ground and send of destructive blast of energy at opponents. Paragon is capable of lifting objects as heavy as a van or a bus. She possesses superhuman abilities like enhanced speed, agility, and stamina.

    She is a almost unstoppable killing machine of alien technology.

    Equipment and Weapons

    Paragon is armed with retractable monofilament blades that are sharp enough to cut though titianium.


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